9 Best Overdrive Pedals For 2017 (Includes Tube, Boutique & More)

Looking for a Great Overdrive Pedal?

Fulltone Full-Drive MOSFET Overdrive Pedal. Best Overdrive PedalConsider Fulltone’s OCD and Full-Drive2 Mosfet, as well as the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer.  Truthfully, you’ll find dozens of great-sounding overdrive guitar pedals on the market today. Maxon and Wampler also create great overdrives. Here’s the JTPedals.com list of some of the best overdrive pedals in a variety of categories.

What’s Your Favorite Overdrive?

Guitarists – please check out these 9 best overdrive pedals. And please leave a comment about your favorite overdrive pedal!

I personally use the Maxon overdrive with a mini boost pedal by EP. I usually use a Fender Hotrod Deluxe (2nd channel, light overdrive), though I would love to find another amp the Guitar REsearch tube amp.  I am on my way to the post office to pick up the Tube Werks Blue Tube overdrive! I actually had this pedal before, but it was lost. I bought it used on reverb.com becuase it’s not in production anymore.

Uses for Overdrive

The overdrive pedal is where it’s at. You can go from clean to dirty or to just add a slight boost.  You can also chain overdrive pedals together to create different levels, tones and intensities of overdrive. And depending on what amp you’re using, you can also combine the overdriven channel on your amp with the overdrive pedal to create another level of overdriven sound.

If you are looking for a bit heavier tones, take a look at our suggestions for the best distortion pedal.  Of course, you can get distortion with overdrive pedals as well. But, it depends on what sort of sound you’re going for.

If you are looking for something in a more specific category, take a look here:

The Search for the Perfect Pedal

Over many years of playing guitar, I mostly just used a tube amp with an overdrive channel.  I didn’t know about overdrive pedals for many years – I would just the amp or add more overdrive after recording. Then I accidentally traded for a really nice tube-driven blues overdrive pedal.  I loved the pedal. It had that extra warmth and and fullness for chords and solos. Unfortunately, during a band changeover at a festival, I left my pedals onstage. All the pedals reappeared the next day except for that beautiful vintage blues overdrive pedal.

Since then, I’ve been on a search for the best overdrive pedals for the sounds I’m going for. Luckily (or unluckily), there are a ton of them! It’s very hard to pick from the different ones on the market and I’m keeping my ears open. Here’s a number of favorites which happen to be some of the best selling ones as well.


Best Overdrive Pedal Comparison Chart

NameDescriptionCheck It Out
1. Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET Overdrive Boost PedalOut top choice!Read Review
2. Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion OverdriveGreat option for guitarists looking for dual channels.Read Review
3. DigiTech DSB Screamin’ Blues OverdriveGreat analog overdrive for superior blues tones!Read Review
4. Mad Professor Amber OverdriveUnique addition to your pedalboard and a great boutique choice.Read Review
5. Emerson Paramount Overdrive Hardwire OverdriveA very good option if you want to add some external overdrive to your tube amp.Read Review
6. Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive DriveTotally clean with true bypass.Read Review
7. Boss SD-1 Super OverdriveAffordable and cheap while still sounding great.Read Review
8. Boss BD-2 Blues DriverGreat mid priced blues overdrive.Read Review
9. Wampler Clarksdale Delta OverdriveAwesome pro overdrive.Read Review

Top Pick – Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET Overdrive Boost Pedal

Out of all the overdrives that I have had the pleasure of plugging into, Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET Overdrive Boost Pedal takes the cake! Take a look, click and read the review.

Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET Overdrive Boost Pedal


  • Dual channels that allow you to have a couple different tones available at a time for more versatility.
  • Indestructible built machine that can take a beating.
  • Provides a warm and full overdriven tone for all types of rock music.
  • MOSFET toggle allows you to add a bit of low end to your sound.
  • Comp-cut mode gives you a bit more grit to your tone.
  • Reacts perfectly to your playing style – play lighter for a cleaner tone. Dig into your strings harder and the tone breaks up more.

or click here to see a review.



Best 2 Channel Overdrive – Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive

Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion OverdriveSomeone said that two heads are better than one. Well, that person was not wrong. The Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive is a fusion of the Wampler Euphoria Overdrive and the Wampler Paisley Drive into a single awesome pedal. By combining the best features of these two pedals, Tom Quayle made sure that the final product is a magnificent musical masterpiece. The Dual Fusion Overdrive pedal delivers a tighter, controlled response and an amazing tonal transparency on the low end. I had a chance to use this pedal and here are its features and benefits.

Features of the Dual Fusion Overdrive

Some of the features of the Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive Pedal include:

  • Advanced Gain Structure that produces an amazing array of sounds.
  • Very dynamic and transparent pedal, therefore, very responsive to guitar volume control and pick attack.
  • A 9V power jack and battery connection that allows you to use DC power.
  • Features a relay true bypass design that minimizes popping and preserves tone.
  • The pedal also has resistors and high-grade film capacitors that help in producing superior sound and response.

Tonal Character of Wampler’s Dual Overdrive Pedal

This pedal produces both vintage and modern sounds. Most impressive, unlike in other pedals when the two sounds are pitched against other, the Tom Quayle Dual pedal voices them clearly. The vintage side produces a sound that is dynamic, responsive, fast, and bright, whereas the modern side produces a thick, mid-range, compressed, woolly, and dark sound. The vintage channel, however, does sound thin when in normal setting. But to remedy this, you can turn the switch to fat and voila, there you have the tone you desire.

The Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive satisfied my thirst for a pedal that can produce dynamic and unique sounds. Therefore, if you are looking for a pedal, try the Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive.

Quick Points

  • If you are looking to have the option of having two separate dual overdrive tones at the same time so that it is fast and easy to switch back and forth, this is a great option.
  • Made with high quality electronic components.
  • Can handle both vintage and modern sounding overdrives.
  • USA made.
  • Huge amount of controls and switches giving you plenty of tonal options.

Best Analog Overdrive Pedal – DigiTech DSB Screamin’ Blues Overdrive

DigiTech DSB Screamin' Blues OverdriveGuitarists are the backbone of every band. In fact, in rock bands, it is the sound of the guitar that makes the performance memorable. For this reason, as a guitarist too and a lover of good music, I would not go for just any distortion pedal, I would go for only the best. The DigiTech DSB Screamin’ Blues Overdrive is such a pedal. This pedal was designed for the guitarist who desires highly responsive pedals that produce unique and dynamic sounds, without compromising on the tone of the amp and the guitar. Here is a review of the features of Screamin’ Blues Overdrive pedal that will also mention some of its benefits.

The DigiTech designed the DSB Screamin’ Blues Overdrive pedal exceptionally well. With this pedal, you can play lightly and enjoy a subtle overdrive. This pedal has a number of knobs that present you with a variety of EQ adjustments that when put into use, give you a perfect sound.


Some features that I found useful in this pedal include:

  • Low-adjust boost and cut-off bass frequencies
  • High-adjust boost and cut-off upper frequencies.
  • Level controls for distortion output level.
  • Gain that sets the max distortion level when hard playing
  • Dual Outputs — The output on the amp can be used to connect directly to the guitar’s amplifier. The one on the mixer can be connected to a recording device or a mixing board courtesy of its Cabinet Emulation circuitry.
  • Great sound output — This overdrive device has a number of knobs that allow you to sample with different effects that give you great audio output.
  • Reliability and Durability — The pedal is made of incredibly tough metal that ensures its durability. For this reason, this pedal can endure many years of brutal stomping without you having to worry about it wearing out.

The DigiTech DSB Screamin’ Blues Overdrive pedal is full of great features and benefits. Therefore, it is a pedal you should get.

Quick Points

  • Dual outputs allowing you to run into an amp and/or a mixer for recording.
  • Based off of a Tubescreamer with the addition of more gain.
  • Does a great job of adding warmth to your tone – even if you are using a solid state amp.
  • Has quite a range allowing you to even get into some heavier distorted tones.

Best Boutique Overdrive Pedal – Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

Got a bit more money to spend and want to try out some higher end brands? Also take a look at some more of our best boutique overdrive pedal recommendations.

Mad Professor Amber OverdriveMad Professor’s Hand Wired Custom Series is proven to be of the highest quality standards which is built by hand and uses premium components. If you were looking for equipment to invest in, then look over Mad Professor’s products; you could never go wrong with it. As if it were a gift from the heavens, part of this custom series of pedals is the Mad Professor Amber Overdrive. It features controls for volume, drive, tone, and a 9vDC power jack. The Amber Overdrive produces a combination of fuzz pedal into overdriven tube amplifier — doesn’t matter if you use a clean or a dirty amp, the sound will be nonetheless thick with a hint of fuzz.

My guitar gently weeped tears of joy. As promised, the Amber created fat and smooth overdrive. When used, the Amber Overdrive fills the room with a massive sound, as if there was an amplifier running wide open.

I first heard of this product through a video by ProGuitarShop and was less expensive than the other boutiqe pedals. So I decided to give it a try and a few days later, it is as if the pedal has married my guitar and is producing beautiful baby sounds! My expectations of an overdrive pedal goal were satisfied! This is indeed one of the best pedals around, and is a great investment. It places a light load on the guitar pickups which allows for the creation of a smoother tone.

I cannot stop raving about not only the Amber Overdrive but the entire Mad Professor Hand Wired Custom series. I am looking into trying this line soon, as I’m already thoroughly impressed. The shipping is easy and without hassle too. For guitar lovers out there obsessed with creating the perfect sound, a few tweaks and this product is the match for you!

Quick Points

  • Generate fat over driven tones with just a touch of fuzz.
  • Simple and easy to set up your tone with just three simple knobs to worry about.
  • Combining both fuzz and overdrive is considered one of the most sought after tones.
  • Hard wired with superior components.

Best Overdrive Pedal For Tube / Valve Amps – Emerson Paramount Overdrive Hardwire Overdrive

Got a tube amp that you want to try adding some overdrive to? Tube amps naturally produce an overdriven tone when you push the amps volume, but adding an overdrive effect can help bring it even more character. Take a look at this!

Emerson Paramount Overdrive Hardwire OverdriveThe Emerson Paramount Overdrive Hardwire Overdrive is a Medium Gain (Second Stage Overdrive) that compares very well to almost any kind of pedal. It usually consumes about 9-18v (18v for added room). The device is an original form of an Emerson circuit that the makers are very satisfied with and cannot wait to release to the world.Similar to other Emerson Custom made products, the Paramount is manufactured from the most superior-quality, hand-pickled and well matched parts, by hand, located in the very central part of Oklahoma.

It has a lot of gain on tap to be a custom fit to a situation yet it has a very common feel to it. It has a dynamic pedal and is very responsive to pick attack and subtleties of the player.

The reviews of the customers indicate that the performance of the pedal is great. It generally exceeds the expectations, and along with having a great sound, it conforms with other pedals very well which is an added bonus to many.

Emerson indeed got an edge with this novel circuit design, (not an imitation of a tube screamer or klon similar to any drive pedal).
It is very simplistic, and adds a ton of character to the sound produced, and since it is played through a tele it has the features of all of that original sparkle of a tele, while managing to have a smoothness even at the greatest gain settings, the tone knob being the most productive that one has ever seen, moved all the way to the extreme end it manages to stay very clear, not getting distorted or high pitched.

It also manages to rank very well along with other distortion or overdrive pedals. It has great craftsmanship, a great exterior, and sounds very good. staying every smooth even at the highest gain settings, the tone.

Quick Points

  • Can be used with both 9 volt or add more power to 18 volts giving you more headroom.
  • Created using the original Emerson circuit.
  • Does an excellent job at making sure any subtle nuances of your playing are heard and not buried in the mix.
  • Is designed to work very well with other pedals bringing out the best tone from these.

Best True Bypass Overdrive Pedal – Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive

True bypass is an excellent feature. If you have the pedal turned off, it is like the pedal doesn’t even exist in your signal chain. In other words, the OCD doesn’t affect your tone when switched off. Take a look at this recommendation:

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive DriveAs a hobbyist in guitar with occasional gigs here and there, I get to sample a variety of gear and equipment over the years. I do not really limit myself to a single line or brand, knowing full well that each company offers something new.

Recently, I found myself buying the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive from the renowned Fulltone line. Fulltone, according to online reviews, originates from Southern California. This pedal-maker became famous for using full-sized, top-notch and high-quality components to create hand-built pedals. After using the OCD for more than a month now, I can attest to this claim.

Features of the Fulltone OCD

The OCD has the standard Tone, Drive, and Volume controls. In addition, it also has High Peak and Low Peak switches which take the pedal from a clean sound to an almost-manic but sustained distortion. The tones that can be produced by this pedal varies from very clean to very rich, with crumbly, crunchy, heavy overtones and feedback. It can suit any musical genre of your liking. The Fulltone OCD performs because of quality hardware, the amazing craftsmanship and thought that went into making it.

As mentioned earlier, all pedals made by Fulltone are hand-built. The components are full-sized and of the best quality. Also, you get none of that miniature surface mount chips or capacitors.

Even their wire is custom-made. They have a 22-gauge copper strand with no tin coating. This allows the copper to remain flexible over the years without the risk of breaking.

While these inner mechanisms are often overlooked by guitarists, Fulltone’s craftsmanship can be heard in the sound produced: warm and extraordinarily clean. The Drive, Volume and Tone controls allow you to adjust the output volume easily and find the right tonal balance without much hassle. The Volume, of course, controls the output volume. The Drive controls the amount of distortion while the Tone knob controls the high frequency sound. I surmise that even beginners who are buying their first pedal can find this a good buy.

It uses a standard nine-volt adapter that gives you a couple of hours of juice, making it perfect for traveling and outdoor performances. In the alternative, you can also use an eighteen-volt power supply, quite a departure from the usual nine-volt adapters of other pedals which gives you just a little bit more headroom to work with. Like most pedals, it has true bypass switching which means you get to transition to a guitar effect without misplaced and unwanted sound. The signal remains unaffected throughout switching the effect on and off, removing any possible disruption during your performance, There is a LED indicator to tell you whether the effect is turned on or not and the LED display is bright enough to be seen easily in the middle of playing. The bypass switch is custom-made by Fulltone and, in my opinion, among the best in the market today.

Impressions of the Fulltone OCD

The OCD has a tube-like overdrive with touch-sensitive response for better ease of use and control. I cannot emphasize enough how responsive and easy to manipulate the OCD is! All the tones and effects I imagined came to life in this equipment. The range of the effects that you can get out of this pedal is wide enough for versatility.

I was and still am very satisfied with this pedal which has become my go-to for most of my performances. It is affordably-priced even against new entrants in the market and considering that it is hand-built and custom-designed, there is not a lot of models that can match against it. The build is pretty solid and the pedal itself feels and looks durable. It is evident that a lot of thought and effort went into designing this pedal. I recommend that you use the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Overdrive whether you are recording in your own studio, during performances and even for professional recording.

Quick Points

  • If you are looking for tube like overdrive in a pedal, this is an excellent choice.
  • Using just your guitars volume pedal and your pick attack, this pedal allows you to conjure a ton of different tones.
  • More versatile than a Tubescreamer due to having two drive channels and clean boost.
  • If you have OCD about your guitar sound, this is the pedal!

Best Cheap Overdrive Pedal $ – Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

For people on a budget that are looking for a cheaper option, sometimes it can be hard to find good inexpensive options. Luckily, you have me! Take a look at this affordable pedal:

Boss SD-1 Super OverdriveA good overdrive or distortion pedal is a necessary equipment for nearly every guitar player. It can be used with a clean amplifier to obtain classic rock and blues tones. Alternatively, it can be used to push a distortion pedal or fairly over-driven amplifier to achieve for higher gain tones. I understand exactly how trendy it is to bash with BOSS pedals. Nowadays, some guitarists only use the expensive boutique pedals, but I view this as a bit of an extreme position. In the market today, there are great models of the BOSS line and especially the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, which has been in production for the past twenty-nine (29) years.

The SD-1 has found its way to the favor of many guitar players, probably because of its quality ratio, excellent price, the excellent sound it produces, and the durable, sturdy iron cast shell. Boss designed the SUPER to overdrive the signal, therefore, resulting in moderate distortion effect and a soft clipping of signals. However, it is not suitable for melodramatic hi-gain death metal kinds of distortions. Its drive, tone and volume control dials are simple and straightforward.


The Drive control enables a large sound scale and is rather large. It ranges from the raw distorted rock to the mild clean boosting sounds. Sound remains crisp, distinguishable, and compact, with plenty of attacks and sustain even when the drive control is at its maximum.

I realized that the noise remains quite moderate at lower drive settings but they start increasing at larger drive settings. The Boss SD-1 performs at its best when set at moderate gains. It helps to thrust an already driven tube amp into distortion and smooth sustain besides serving as a booster. For metal freaks like me, this pedal does not offer sounds that are tight and compact enough, but if combined with another overdrive pedal it offers a perfectly added drive for punch lines or solos.

Because of its affordable price, durable and robust enclosure, simple schematic, neat, and clean circuit board layout, the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive is ideal for experts and beginners in electronics. Here creativity is unleashed and they play around with the mass of soundscapes that are achievable simply by exchanging the clipping schemes, the op-amps, and other component values that are on the circuit board.

This has been underutilized by most of the professional companies that offer numerous modifications to add versatility to the factory-born SD-1 unit and enhance the sound as well. The modified units comprise of an added switch that helps one to select between different clipping methods such as asymmetric or symmetric clipping, leds, different diodes such as silicon and germanium among others.

Technical Specifications

  •  Option: AC Adaptor
  • A current draw of 6mA
  • Accessories: Dry battery type (6F22/9 V)
  • Output impedance of ten (10) kilohms or more
  • Input impedance of four hundred and seventy (470) kilohms
  • Connectors: Output Jack, input jack, and AC adaptor jack
  • Power Supply: Dry battery nine-volt (9V) type (6F22), AC adaptor
  • Measures 59 mm (Height) x 73 mm (Width) x 129 mm (Depth)
  • Weighd of four hundred grams (400g) which is an equivalence of fifteen ounces (15oz).

The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive is close to a Tube Screamer in conception and not too far tone-wise. It sports the similar knobs which include Tone (for Equalization), Drive (for the amount of overdrive), and Level (for output Volume). Nevertheless, I find it to have a little more grit, and rock tone while the tube screamers lean more to the blues side. In addition, among the metal players, this overdrive is a favorite since it can be used as a booster and not the primary distortion. There is no cheaper and better option to shove an already over-driven amplifier over the edge.

Many of the tested Boss SD-1 units are use-able and good units, even though in most cases they will not fulfill the distortion or overdrive requirements for most guitarists. It serves perfectly well as a slight overdrive or booster to enrich the sound through the mix especially during a guitar solo. Of course, we have plenty of modifications in the market such as the Keeley Five-Star (Stacked) MOD, Monte Allums SD-808 MOD PLUS, and Uraltone MOD among others. The SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal serves as an affordable and excellent playground to make your own modifications and tweaks as well. Finally, considering its price, this pedal has an excellent quality to price ratio.

Quick Points

  • One of THE classics as far as overdrives are concerned.
  • Go from gritty to super smooth and everything in between.
  • Ability to control the amount of overdrive just by adjusting the attack of your pick – working similar to an overdriven tube amp.
  • Can also be used as a boost pedal to give you a bit more bite and allow your leads to cut through and be heard easier.

Best Overdrive Pedal $$ – Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

Once you get into this price range, you start to get a lot more options to choose from. Still not too hard on the wallet and you get a lot of bang for your buck:

Boss BD-2 Blues DriverBoss pedals stand out in the market today and have a reputation for they are built like brick outhouses. Therefore, be very sure that even though you kick it, drop it, throw it or jump on it, the pedal will still come for more punishment. This means that it is sturdy and quite durable and can survive the rigors of the rock ‘n’ roll touring. For this particular reason, that is why you will see them at the feet of the top touring pros everywhere around the world. Boss is quite sure that their pedals are robust and very reliable so they cover them with a five-year warranty.

The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal has made a great impact and has gained a lot of popularity with many great players, thanks a bunch to its transparent, great tubey overdrive. The Boss BD-2 pedal is perfect for pushing your amplifier into saturation and for any person playing the blues. Nevertheless, it does a rich “full on” overdrive/distortion that is very clear with all notes of the chord ringing through it clearly. Therefore, in case you are looking for a perfect distortion that remains un-muddied at a high gain then look for Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal.

This pedal is best for home studio, performances, professional recording, amateur recording, and outdoor events. I had been looking for a unit that will produce a killer blues sound, and that is why I settled for the Boss BD-2 since it gives the creamy, crunchy tonal blend I had been looking for. It is like having a finely aged vintage tube amp in your rig, with a tough body just like all the Boss overdrive pedals and it is offered at a fraction of the price. If you wish to offer your rock rig an over-driven flavor that is all different or your main aim is to play blues tunes then you will definitely put the BD-2 into your signal chain.


  • The nominal input level is -20 dBu
  • Its nominal output level is at -20 dBu
  • The input impedance is one Mohm
  • The output impedance is one kilohm
  • The controls include tone, level, and gain.
  • The current draw is at nine-volt DC (9 mA)
  • The accessories include a dry battery 9V (6F22/9 V)
  • The equivalent input noise level is at-118 dBu (IHF-A, Typ.)
  • The connectors include an output jack, an input jack, and an AC/DC adapter jack (9V)

Technical Specifications

• One-quarter inch output
• The pedal type is overdrive
• One-quarter inch instrument input
• 2.4″ (Height) x 2.9″ (Width) x 5.1″ (Depth)
• It has a weight of one pound, which is equivalent to fifteen ounces (15 oz).
• For power supply, it uses a nine-volt battery, Alternatively, an AC adapter or a Dry Battery nine-volts (9V) type can be used

The Pros

• Versatile
• Highly responsive
• Compact design
• Perfect selection of effects
• Excellent sound quality

The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver produces a creamy, yet crunchy tone that is associated with the great blues guitar. You may have heard a number of great blues guitarists call it up at a great value. It simulates a sound that is quite similar to that of a vintage tube amplifier, giving you instantaneous access to timeless tones. In addition, it responds to your playing dynamics, thus, you can bring out a wide range of tones giving each note a perfect feel and flavor.

This popular pedal delivers quick access to the type of emotive distortion and warm overdrive usually reserved for thirty-year-old tube amplifiers. All in all, I love the emotive distortion and warm overdrive that this pedal adds to your rig.

Quick Points

  • Like all Boss pedals, built extremely durable in a compact box.
  • Can simulate a tube amp giving you the best classic blues overdrive tones.
  • Has kind of a Fender like vibe to it as far as sound goes.
  • For a blues style player, this is an excellent option which can also be versatile enough to over other genres as well.

Best Overdrive Pedal $$$ – Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive

Finally we have some recommendations that cost a bit more and well worth the money. Consider this!

Wampler Clarksdale Delta OverdriveAvid guitar players are constantly searching for new and interesting sounds. Unique tones can greatly improve musical compositions. They can also enhance the guitar player’s style, which places them in a position to receive more gigs. If you are a novice or professional guitar player searching for unique sounds, you can find them with the Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive.

This particular pedal is great for the person who desires a classic blues sound. Your electric guitar will release a vibration that will remind you of an acoustic guitar. Naturally, you will get a more amplified sound over quality speakers, but you will also get an even tone that will not fizzle out unexpectedly. To reduce echoes and feedback, adjust the bass, treble, and mids with the 3-Band Equalizer. Once you find your preferred tone, this pedal will properly manage the sound whether it is the blues, soft rock, or hard rock.

The Wampler Clarksdale has five control knobs and a toggle switch. With the bass control, you can create a deep sound for a funk or jazz composition. The mids knob allows you to increase or decrease the amount of midrange added to a signal. The treble knob will come in handy when you need a crisp sound for a potential chart-topping pop song. You can fiddle with these knobs until you come up with your unique signature sound. Once you do, the volume and gain knobs will allow you to increase the power in your melody.

The Wampler Clarksdale Overdrive Pedal is a durable device that will get you through many intense musical sessions. It is compatible with most guitars on the market, and it produces a rich sound that will impress your audience. If you are searching for an alternative to the expensive professional brands, this is the pedal that will bring your search to a halt.

Quick Points

  • Three band eq giving you a lot of control over your tone.
  • USA built with true bypass.
  • Features a “lift” switch that does just that – lifts the tone giving you a bit more to allow your leads to stand out more.
  • Has a smooth and creamy tone which is excellent for southern rock and blues.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Does An Overdrive Pedal Sound Like?

Smooth light leads and solos and crunchy rhythms and everything in between. It is a very versatile effect. Great for all types of genres including rock, country rock and more. Works well with any type of guitar like Telecasters, Stratocasters and any pickup configuration (humbuckers or single coils).