Tone, great pedals and more

Dreaming of beautiful tone? Added texture for solos? More crunch? Expanded sonic possibilities? Find the best guitar pedals for your personal style. Learn how to create better tone.

A huge number of guitar effects pedals exist on the market today. With so many stomp boxes and so little time, it’s an extra challenge to discover the “must haves.”

Luckily, there’s tons of great guitar pedals, so you have a lot of good choices. In other words, for any type of effect, you’ll find many pedals that sound great.  It’s just a matter of finding what suits you best.

Guitar Pedals provides reviews, recommendations and ideas for creating your bass and/or guitar tone. Categories include: chorus, compression, delay, distortion, flanger, reverb, multieffects and overdrive. Also, check out the sections on acoustic guitar pedals and pedalboards. Also, please check out the JTPedals Electric Guitar Tone Guide.

Bass pedals

Looking for bass pedals?  Here’s some relevant reviews: bass distortion, bass compressors, bass fuzz, bass overdrive, bass chorus, and bass multi-effects.

Best Wishes!

Effects pedal do help to create great tone and many amazing sounds.  Of course, always remember music comes from us, the musicians (or through us,etc, depending on what you believe). Pedals are just the icing on the cake of musicianship, good vibes and tight playing.

Hopefully, this site helps you, the musician, on your “tonal quest”! Please feel free to write with ideas, stories, questions, etc.

effects - choices for your guitar tone

Best Effect Pedal Reviews

Because of the large number of pedals, a generic list of stomp boxes probably wouldn’t work.

A more logical way to organize pedals reviews – by category of the effect:

Looking for Rhythm or Lead Guitar Effects?

Want to record or play live music? Use digital or analog effects (or anything in between)?

A pedal probably exists with your name on it.

If you are anything like me, pedal shopping is like going to the candystore! Many musicians end up with a vast collection of gear with only a handful of them used consistently (for example, check out the $20,000 pedal library video – pretty awesome).

Hopefully, these reviews can help you to find the best pedals faster! (Of course, always consider giving away or selling your extra gear, as well). Even though I use Amazon a lot, I do always consider buying used from a reliable source as well.

Where is the best place to buy?

The Amazon Logo - a great place to find a sort of cool musical gearPersonally, I prefer Amazon. I like shopping online and they have a huge inventory. It’s quick and easy, which means more time for playing! And, if you are on a budget, you’ll find many affordable stompboxes for your layout.

Some other great options include Sweetwater, Ebay, your local music store, Craigslist, Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend. I haven’t used, but at some point I’ll check them.

Also, make sure you check the return policies. Different stores have completely different return policies. And sometimes different vendors within the websites will have different return policies, as well (like Amazon, eBay, Reverb).

What Brands?

It really depends on the type of effect. For each effect type, I did my best to choose the best pedals from most popular brands (thought not always). Just to give you a general idea, though, some of my favorites: FulltoneTC Electronic, Xotic and Electro-Harmonix .

Look at my views on the following brands:

BOSS | DigiTech | Vox | Roland | Behringer | Jim Dunlop |Pyle-Pro | Fender | Biyang | Donner | Ernie Ball | Fulltone | Joyo | Tech 21 | Seymour Duncan | Rocktron |Danelectro | Ibanez | ISP Technologies | Line 6 | M-Audio | Maxon | MXR | Xotic | Earthquaker Devices | Electro-Harmonix | Mooer | Morley | Neewer | TC Electronic | Pro Co | TC-Helicon | Visual Sound | Voodoo Lab

What price ranges?

For each pedal type, I tried to find something in each different price range. However, with some categories of effects, it’s hard to cover all price ranges. Whenever I could, I recommended something in each price range:

  • Below $50 ($)
  • Under $100 ($$)
  • Less than $150 ($$$)
  • Under $200 ($$$$)
  • etc…

What about Boutique Effects?

I am all about the boutique effects. But for this site, I also consider price, so JTPedals includes great pedal ideas for many prices ranges. Most of the major reviews do include a boutique pedal.  Also, check out boutique overdrive pedal reviews and boutique fuzz pedal reviews.

Amp-Pedal Interaction

Because of the enormous number of amps out there, doesn’t currently consider how pedal sounds with a specific amp. Maybe someday this site will talk more about amp-pedal dynamics. But for now, amp choices don’t get much attention.

When I go to the store to try a pedal, I do sometimes bring my own amp.  Or I’ll use the same model (Fender HotRod Deluxe).] And, I do prefer tube amps for electric, though many people sound great playing through solid-state amps.  For acoustic instruments, solid-state sounds great.

Pedalboard Setup

Check out this highly informative video featuring Steve Vai.  I recommend that every serious guitarist watch or listen to this video. There’s plenty of words of wisdom, as well and funny quotes like, “pedals are like little toys for guitar players.”

JT Pedals also has an article on how to setup your pedalboard.

The Best 2018 Guitar Pedals

Take a look by category at the links in the menu at the top of this page. You’ll find pedals grouped by category, like reverb, overdrive, chorus, etc. Beyond my favorites, I included popular pedals since my top choice might be different than some else’s.  This combination approach, I believe, will help you to find many of the best pedals.

What’s your dream pedal lineup?

Here’s mine. Hope you discover some great effects!  Enjoy!