Searching For The Best Guitar Pedal Recommendations?

Looking for great guitar pedals?

A huge number of guitar effects pedals exist on the market today. With so many stomp boxes and so little time, it’s an extra challenge to discover the “must haves.”

Luckily, I took a ton of time and found top guitar pedals in each category.  Hopefully, this site helps you, the musician, on your “tonal quest”!

effects - choices for your guitar tone


Because of the large number of different effects, I didn’t just write a generic list of stomp boxes.  I needed to organize the pedals and, of course, the most logical way was by the category:.

Are You Looking At Rhythm or Lead Guitar Types Effects?

Yes, I looked at both!

Whether you want to record or play live music, use digital or analog effects, or anything in between, a pedal probably exists with your name on it.

If you are anything like me, it can sometimes be hard to control yourself when buying pedals.  Many guitarist end up with a vast collection of gear with only a handful of them used consistently.  Hopefully, these guides and reviews can help curb that, too! (Of course, always consider giving away or selling your extra gear)

Where is the best place to buy?

The Amazon Logo - a great place to find a sort of cool musical gearPersonally, I prefer Amazon. I like shopping online and they have a huge inventory. It’s quick and easy, which means more time for playing! And, if you are on a budget, you’ll find many affordable stompboxes for your layout.

Some other great options include Sweetwater, Ebay, your local music store, Craigslist, Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend.

What Brands Did I look At?

It really depends on the type of effect. If you look at each individual page for each effect type, I did my best to choose the best and most popular brands. Just to give you a general idea, though, some of my favorites are the classics: Electro-Harmonix, Boss, and TC Electronic.

Look at my views on the following brands:

BOSS | DigiTech | Vox | Roland | Behringer | Jim Dunlop |Pyle-Pro | Fender | Biyang | Donner | Ernie Ball | Fulltone | Joyo | Tech 21 | Seymour Duncan | Rocktron |Danelectro | Ibanez | ISP Technologies | Line 6 | M-Audio | Maxon | MXR | Xotic | Earthquaker Devices | Electro-Harmonix | Mooer | Morley | Neewer | TC Electronic | Pro Co | TC-Helicon | Visual Sound | Voodoo Lab

What price ranges?

For each pedal type, I tried to find something in each different price range. However, with some categories of effects, it’s hard to cover all price ranges. Whenever I could, I recommended something in each price range:

  • Under $50 ($)
  • Under $100 ($$)
  • Under $150 ($$$)
  • Under $200 ($$$$)
  • etc…

What about Boutique Effects?

I am all about the boutique effects. But for this site, I also consider price, so I do not always recommend the high-end boutique stuff.

What I Omitted In My Choices

Because of the enormous number of amps out there, I did not account for how each pedal would sound with a specific amp.  I wish to get to that level, and maybe someday I will. But for now, I did not take amp choices into account.

Learn More About Pedalboard Setup

Check out this highly informative video featuring Steve Vai.  I recommend that every serious guitarist watch or listen to this video. There’s plenty of words of wisdom, as well and funny quotes like, “pedals are like little toys for guitar players.”

My Picks For The Best 2017 Guitar Pedals

Take a look by category at the links in the menu at the top of this page – I grouped them by category, like reverb, gain, modulation, etc.  I included popular pedals since my top choice might be different than some else’s.  This combination approach, I believe, helped to find many of the best pedals.

What’s your dream pedal lineup?

Hope you discover some great effects!  Enjoy!