Best Chorus Effect Pedals For 2017

Looking for the best chorus pedal to help fill out your tone?

Over the past few months, I have been looking at a huge number of different best chorus pedals so I decided to share my best pick as well as some other recommendations.

What I Looked For In A Chorus Guitar Effect

There are a number of different things that I consider to be extremely important and the options in choosing just the right chorus effect:

  • It needs to be a true bypass. This means that when it is off, it will not affect the rest of my tone.
  • It needs to be built well and can take a lot of abuse.
  • Easy to use – I like to have just the controls I need to get the job done. No need for knobs for other special” things.
  • It needs to be affordable with a lot of bang for the buck.
  • It needs to sound good!
  • Versatile and be able to use it with just about any genre of music – metal, country, rock, jazz, whatever…I like it all!
  • What do the reviews say?

Best Chorus Pedals 2017 Comparison

Why We Chose It
Our Rating
Electro-Harmonix Small CloneOur Favorite
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Boss CE-5 Stereo Chorus EnsembleA great stereo option!
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Visual Sound V3H2O Liquid Chorus and EchoOn the higher end.
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MXR M234 Analog ChorusGreat analog choice!
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Digitech XMC Multi-VoiceAwesome digital chorus!
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Donner® Guitar Chorus Effect Pedal True Bypass, TuttiLooking for true-bypass?
Read Review
MXR M83 Bass Chorus DeluxeFor bass players!
Read Review
Joyo JF-05 ClassicOn a budget?
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Boss CH-1 Stereo Super ChorusCan spend a bit more?
Read Review
Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Echo Chorus Vibrato PedalModerately priced.
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MXR M134 Stereo ChorusMore expensive but well worth it!
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best chorus pedal

Looking for something more specific in a chorus? Take a look below:

  • Another excellent chorus effect choice.

  • Our Choices And Reviews

    Top Pick – Electro-Harmonix Small Clone

    small clone

    Click Here To Add The Small Clone To Your Pedal Board

    An effect that works with any kind of electronic instrument and is easy on the pocket? Sign me up! — Well, this was my first reaction when I heard the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus. This classic device is capable of enhancing the analog sounds and producing a wide range of sounds from warm pulsating warbles to rich and dimensional tones. Although there are just two controls, don’t underestimate its ability because it is capable of producing a vast array of effects, thereby putting a lot of other multi-knob pedals in the market to shame! Also, the Depth Control switch that allows one to intensify the tone.

    In my opinion, the Small Clone is a smart choice as it provides the best bang for your buck! If you’re able to overlook its slightly large and bulky shape then this can be the best accompaniment for your musical instrument the next time you perform a gig! What I love most about it is the fact that it offers a highly intense and rich effect to my guitar, thereby making it a great tool for organizing and formulating the effect enhancements of the tune. I love playing with it in order to recreate my favorite guitar sounds, and I can spend hours doing the same and still not get bored!

    All Analog

    Yes, I agree that we may belong in the digital era but as far as effects are concerned, my heart will always be with analog ones – they’re the best. I feel that these are the best choice for guitarists because they can conveniently and easily help them achieve a wide range of sounds from clear to spacey tones. Also, what adds to the appeal of this analog pedal is the fact that it is the best choice for the classic “Come as you are” by the legend Kurt Cobain and a flurry of other Nirvana songs as well. Thus, even after more than two decades, people still flock to this model when they want their best chorus to have a real vibe and mood!


    Powered by the 9V power supply and offering the standard ¼ inch connections, the E-H Small Clone boasts of a very impressive build quality. The significantly large knob right at the top comes with precise indicators which allows you to control the alteration of the frequency. If you turn the knob up then you will get more intense sounds and clear warbles whereas if you turn it down the sounds produced will be more subtle. Beside this knob is the dip switch which allows one to turn on/off depth. There is also a small red LED indicator which indicates that the effect is switched on when it lights up. The drawback in the design here is that the pedal comes with just one output port and one input port.

    A Wide Array Of Tones

    It may have just one knob and one depth switch, but it is possible to cover a vast number of choruses and produce a wide array of effects. Moreover, due to the presence of just 2 knobs, the pedal is an instant hit with beginners or novices because it is less confusing or intimidating to use. Fun tip: You can use it on high speeds to be able to generate impressive vibrato effects. When used on the distortion mode, this model is capable of granting the tone effect of the guitar in question while coupling it with added depth of grunge. Thus, you will be able to generate a heavy but clean sound.

    For me, the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone is an instant winner because you just need to plug a guitar on to it and you’ll immediately be able to hear the difference, i.e. the changes it brings to the tone! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high quality and yet economically priced for their electric or bass guitars.

    Best Stereo – Boss CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble

    boss ce5 pedal

    Click Here To Add The Boss CE-5 To Your Pedal Board

    The Boss CE-5 is a compact guitar chorus with a better than average frequency range and that has both low- and high-cut filters. This lets any guitar player create nearly any effect, and I’ve found it works pretty well for both simple and complex effects. It’s good for mild, softer choruses as well as more complex stereo effects used in a lot of today’s music. The low-cut filters shape the tonality of the chorus, and the controls can produce both stereo and mono effects. It also happens to be, in my opinion, the best for acoustic guitar and the best Boss chorus.

    The pedal includes filter knobs for depth, level, rate, and several other creative effects. It can also be best connected to dual amps for both live performance and for studio recording sessions. A chorus works best by repeating any notes played at really close time intervals. This model does this pretty consistently, and increasing the depth will increase each effect’s intensity. When I adjust the rate knob, it creates consistent delay times or speeds up the intervals, depending on which way I twist the knob and the desired effect. This helps create the rich sound I like in some favorite classic songs, such as “Paradise City” by Guns N Roses.

    How rich the sound is from this effect depends on the tone of your chords and how you set up your delay pedal along it. The good thing about the CE-5 is that it allows for a lot of experimentation. It also works well with almost any genre of music, according to how you adjust the pedal settings. This brand of guitar pedal works great with traditional electric guitars as well as electrical acoustic guitars. The best genres it works with include hard rock, country, jazz, blues, and electronic. With hard rock and metal, it’s able to generate a clean and desirably heavy sound when I made those adjustments to the settings.

    Another good feature of this is its simplicity of design that makes it easy to set up and start learning how to use this best chorus pedal right away. It has just one knob and a single depth switch, but these are all that’s needed to cover a vast variety of effects. With just these two knobs, this is one I’d definitely recommend for beginning electric guitar players because it doesn’t require any extra steps or adjustments for best results. It can even be set at high speeds to create fun, catchy vibration sound effects. The Boss CE-5 has an impressive distortion mode that sounds great when I tried playing songs with a grunge effect.

    This is one I’d recommend as one of the top for new as well as experienced guitar players. It’s beginner-friendly, yet it’s robust and versatile enough to create the desired creative effects for all types of songs from most popular music genres. I’ve owned a couple of other guitar pedals, and this is one I see myself keeping for the longer term. It could possibly be the only one a novice may ever need.

    Best Boutique – Visual Sound V3H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo


    Click Here To Add The Visual Sound V3H2O To Your Pedal Board

    Most so-called dual pedals are practically just combinations of full-featured pedals with compromised functionality. The Visual sound V3H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo is however unique; it really delivers more than the sum of its parts, a rarity in the dual pedals segment. Thanks to the two completely independent circuits with several input and output jacks, one could run almost any two-pedal configuration they could think of with the V3H2O. But its true magic is how both effects are organically blended in a manner that two separate units couldn’t possibly replicate.

    Instead of the shield-shaped enclosure used for its predecessors, the V3H2O now comes in a new rugged rectangular housing to make it suitable for a life of rehearsals and gigs. Its size is similar to that of two standard pedals placed side by side. It however needs less space on a pedal board thanks to top-mounted jacks – best place for them. Because the input and output jacks are independently set up for each effect, the V3H2O can fully function as two separate pedals.

    Two-in-One, Twice the Fun

    Although the control set looks somewhat complicated, most people will find it intuitive and user-friendly. The 6 topmost knobs are easily recognizable. It has knobs for speed, depth and width while the echo section has knobs for level, delay and repeats, as well as a short/long toggling switch for setting delay-time ranges.

    The newest additions are 2 smaller knobs for tone and chorus/vibrato, along with a 3-position switch for different levels of modulation intensity. You’ll also find a detune switch with which you can add a pitch-altering texture to the modulations. Under the hood, you will find a couple of switches for controlling each effect’s signal buffer. The manufacturer recommends leaving these switched on.

    The V3H2O comes with separate input and output jacks for each of the two effects. This feature of the best chorus pedal that will please gear freaks who like the ability to control each element of their setup. You could route the signal in any configuration possible with individual pedals, including changing the chorus/echo sequence or patching pedals in between.

    To separately switch the effects on and off, there’s a pair of custom-designed footswitches and a blue LED that lights up when the effect is engaged. But if you want to engage a true-bypass or buffer operation for each footswitch individually, there are internal switches for this. The pedal is powered by a 9V battery or an optional center-negative adapter.

    Delicious and Fascinating

    The V3H2O is peerless when it comes to sound quality and versatility. You’ll definitely love the Liquid Chorus section, thanks to the wide array of sumptuous and best chorus and vibrato effects. And thanks to the clever switches and controls, you’ll find it easy to dial in just about any chorus, vibe or vibrato flavor you could come up with best for you. Even the most cynical of connoisseurs will arguably be pleased with it due to its unique texture.

    Visual Sound is famed for consistently producing quality pedals at affordable prices. At just below $200, the Truetone Visual Sound V3H2O offers an unbelievable value for a couple of well-coordinated effects. With the numerous controls, you’ll have a whole range of unique effects at your disposal for one of these effects.

    Best Analog – MXR M234 Analog Chorus

    mxr m234

    Click Here To Add The MXR M234 To Your Pedal Board

    Creating sounds with your guitar is just what you do but we all know that most music is different. This is where the MXR M234 Analog Chorus comes into play. With this dinky little box, you can create classic effects that are best associated with typical 80’s style rock music. Of course, there are thousands of other modules that allow you to create the same sound and you are free to make an informed decision. However, take a look at our review created after using the MXR M234.

    About MXR
    MXR is a New York-based company that produces effects pedals. Established in 1972, the company specialized in the production of unique effects. The company quickly became one of the most sought after companies for its unique effects pedals. Original founders Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood then went to sell the highly successful company to Jim Dunlop. Dunlop still produces most of the original line-up of products under the MXR licensing rights. But the company has expanded and diversified into newer models like the Eddie Van Halen Phase 90 and Black Label Chorus. The M234 is of the latest versions on the market and it is proving to be quite popular.

    Check Out These Excellent Features

    Overall, the effects are quite beautiful in a compact box with a hardy, durable exterior. The enclosure is compactly sized at 2.5″ by 4.5″ by 5.5″ and it is very lightweight a 0.84lbs. It has five separate knobs consisting of high and low cut controls and rate, level and depth controls as well. Input has a single inlet on the side while the other side has two inputs for Mono and Thru. The device also has a bright blue LED that lights up so you can easily tell when it is engaged.


    Most other reviews about the effects pedal have been overwhelmingly positive. Guitarists have managed to get a range of sounds with simple tweaks of the controls. In fact, we noted that the device can provide best sound that is almost close to that of an analog flanger provided you modify the rate and depth of the device. The level control is excellent for monitoring the sound and wash. In short a range of subtle to extreme sound effects can be generated from the same box which makes it great value-for-money in a best chorus pedal.

    2.6 x 5.5 x 4.4 inches. Very nice if you are limited on space in your pedal board.

    Here is an excellent illustration from MXR about the specific controls on this pedal (as found in the manual):


    The Pros

    • Great true bypass sound quality with a complete lack of hiss or volume jumps make this is a great product.
    • The roll-off knobs are also arranged in a great high/low arrangement which make them easy to use.
    • Extremely versatile use as it can create some of the most lush, lively, and rolling sounds possible with the simple flick of a knob.
    • The real benefit of the product lies in its great rate and depth control knobs. The same control system can switch a single sound from subtle shimmering to rolling space sounds.
    • Provides a lush range of sounds from vintage chorus, modern chorus, with a range of wacky sounds for modern music.
    • Extremely reasonably priced making it a good value-for-money product.
    • It’s one of the best models to use in your home studio or for taking on the road for performances.
    • Bass players! Works very well with a bass as well.

    The Cons
    There are very few things that can go wrong with the MXR M234 Analog. Of course, the only complaint is that it replicates the best classic sounds of the 80’s. That means its not a good investment if you are still trying to forget the 80’s music scene!

    Bottom Line
    We have no complaints – since it is one of the best chorus pedals. The effect pedal is well-worth the cost as it does everything it promises. For the price, this is a completely affordable pedal that is portable, hardy, and really effective. What more could you want?

    Best Digital – Digitech XMC Multi-Voice

    digitech xmc

    Click Here To Add The Digitech XMC To Your Pedal Board

    The Digitech XMC Multi-Voice guitar pedal is the latest addition to the collection of pedals I’ve built up in my arsenal over the past 15 or so years. I’ve been working on putting together my own board, and this brand of multi-voice pedal is a recommended one if you’re also trying to achieve the same kinds of sound effects. For retro 70s- and 80s rock sound and some jazz sound effects, this brand of pedal outperforms others that I’ve tried in the past.

    This pedal’s multi-voice feature gives above-average to excellent control over the chosen effects, and it allows guitar players of all levels to make minute adjustments. The depth and speed control allow you to create swirling effects that are not always possible with other models of guitar pedals. If you’re going to be hauling your equipment around to different gigs on a frequent basis, the Digitech XMC is well-designed, sturdy, and able to stand up to normal wear and tear from travel.

    Compared to some more expensive premium guitar pedals, I’ve found you’ll get nearly the same high performance from this brand of guitar pedal. It also makes an excellent choice for studio recording sessions. Compared to some others, this one works with almost zero detectable ambient noise or other unwanted interference. As long as it’s taken care of and stored properly, this model of guitar pedal could easily last for many years and thousands of road gigs. I’ve heard of a number of multi-voice pedals of similar quality lasting for 20 years or more.

    The Digitech XMC is a digital pedal, so some protection against sound compression is needed before any processing. In the case of this model, that works because sound auto-adjustments are quick and easy to make. If you play metal music, some of the voices you can make with this pedal are great, giving flattening low-end pitch changes that still don’t ever sound lost or flat. This kind of voice effect works well for the needed distortion in a lot of heavy metal songs. Voice effects can be created in either mono or stereo with this particular guitar multi-voice pedal, though the mono setting does have a tendency to sound thin. To avoid this problem, it works to spread the effect through two different amps connected to this digital guitar pedal.

    The Digitech XMC multi-voice guitar pedal has made some improvements to both their service and technical support in recent years, just in case something should go wrong with this chorus. Repairs are completed in a timely manner and with few hassles. Tech support is also knowledgeable and effective at helping you resolve any issues via phone or live chat. Finally, one of the best selling points of this is that it can be used in such a variety of settings, from electric guitar lessons to away gigs to recording sessions in a studio. Its price is also much more reasonable compared to some others.

    Best True Bypass – Donner® Guitar Chorus Effect Pedal True Bypass, Tutti

    donner tutti

    Click Here To Add The Tutti To Your Pedal Board

    Everyone knows that a good effect is vital to getting the right sounds and effect when playing music. This is why I chose the Donner Tutti Love Pure Analog Guitar Chorus as the one that I would use.

    The actual sound from the pedal is also gentle, smooth and amazing. I have never used a pedal like this before in my life. I feel the reason for this sound quality is the fact that this is pure analog and does not have any of the issues that other guitar pedals might experience. The piece itself is made from a strong aluminum, so I know it is going to last for a very long time and give me hours and days of enjoyment while playing the guitar. The actual buttons and dials are incredibly easy to figure out and use, even if you are new to buying and using a pedal like this. It truly does offer what it promises and then some, you feel like you are playing for a true band when you buy one like this and begin to use it in your regular playing.


    It has its own nine volt adapter to it, making it easy to plug in and just use at your best convenience. I am not one to bother with batteries, so this is definitely something I absolutely love. I do not want to have to keep changing out batteries and hoping that they are fresh and working for when I am on the road with the guitar. The adapter makes it easy to use, so all you need to do is to make sure that you have some type of power supply handy for whenever you would like to play.

    There is also an LED indicator light on the pedal and this has allowed me to see how the pedal is actually working and functioning. I personally love this feature and am thrilled that is has been included on the Tutti Love Pure.

    Awesome Price

    One of the greatest benefits that I have personally found using the Donner Tutti Love Pure Analog Guitar Effects Pedal is its price. A lot of guitar pedals out there can be incredibly expensive and just too much for my budget. This has caused me to have to forgo using pedals at time because I cannot replace my old one. With this pedal, I was able to order it and have it shipped quickly without fail. I will definitely be using this pedal for a long time to come and it is one that I continually recommend to family and friends who also play the guitar. I do not know how I made it this far into my guitar playing without it.

    Between the smooth sound, amazing design and the fact that it is affordable, I can now see why this product gets a ton of positive reviews and people are literally raving about it all over the Internet and in local music shops as well. I will never be without my pedal from now on and I think I have become loyal to the brand as well. I recommend people doing a bit of comparison shopping just to see why I recommend this pedal and then consider buying it for your own playing needs if you are an avid guitar player or are part of a band of some type where you play.

    Best For Bass – MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe

    mxr m83

    Click Here To Add The MXR M83 To Your Pedal Board

    Recently there has been an unprecedented increase in musicians. So strong and widespread is the surge that these days it’s not about having a powerful and chorusy baritone or years of schooling at a prestigious institution: anyone can be a famous musician with little or no musical talent. With that said, there will naturally be a limit or a breaking point so-to-speak whereby musicians and producers will be looking for the next level of sound. Guitarist beware, there is a new variety of effects and MXR is, once again, leading the pack. Pedal building isn’t easy, which is why lovers of rock are always excited when something new enters the market. All thanks to the innovation of the MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe, bass has entered a new era and why not be one of the few to have their failing or suffering careers blossom from the concrete.

    Divergent in Feel But Strong In Presence

    As a performing artiste I was eager to get the musical feel of the MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe instrumentation in a live setting. I must admit, the bass comes out powerfully and penetrates a mellow setting like butter on toast. Whilst maintaining a delicately textured feel throughout my live sessions, the Bass Deluxe tended to be overpowered by other instruments when an ensemble of louder tones were introduced. Don’t get me wrong. A good listener can pick it up even during a nuclear explosion, however, it can be tricky if the atmosphere is loud. Worse still, tweaking the x-over button doesn’t help. But, the secret, however, lies in the flanger, which allows you to increase the volume without losing its presence.

    Stereo Shifters and Time Tweakers

    If you’ve used the aqua-blue Bass Deluxe then you should be familiar with its standard dials and switches, which are clearly marked and arranged. There isn’t much of a difference, save for a few additional attributes that, quite miraculously, make all the difference. For instance, the x-over (crossover switch) is a magnificent addition that allows you to preserve the original feel while you focus on alternating your modulation in the mid to upper ranges. And for more vibrant and experimental modulation there is the flanger button for your convenience. Bonus features also include the treble and bass boost buttons.

    Bucket Brigade Technology

    All the tweaking would be useless if it weren’t for the Bucket Brigade technology. This rather traditional method taking signals and passing them through capacitators has as its main goal to create unique delay that –although strong- doesn’t mess around with the up-front originality. This way it’s easy to create a kind of delay that literally and figuratively plays second fiddle to the dominant tune.

    Over and above the MXR Bass is a pricey upgrade that has truly changed the nature of bass. Better still, for the in-house music producer, the innovative knobs and features produce sounds that are perhaps easier to develop and fine tune than during a live session, considering of course the various mastering programs being made nowadays.

    Best Cheap $ – Joyo JF-05 Classic

    joyo jf-05

    Click Here To Add The Joyo JF-05 To Your Board

    When it comes to great sounds and effects, the JOYO JF-05 Classic cannot be beat, say longtime guitar professionals commenting online. This guitar effects features full bodied 12-string sounds that guitar players compare to “a deep bell tone that is clear and crisp to the ear.” There are other glowing online testimonials that describe this as having a “gorgeous sound,” while costing half of what the competition costs.

    Another aspect of this chorusing effect pedal is linked to the style preferences of many guitar players today who want one that never lets them down. The construction of the product is also touted as being excellent in every way including its sound quality. The JOYO is also credited by bands and professional musicians for helping sort out their full feature board needs during performances and concerts.

    JOYO JF-05 Classic featured online

    There are many great classic chords being sorted out by musicians today when playing classic guitar effects with this famed “JOYO” FX Stompbox. In fact, each JOYO is credited with combining today’s cutting edge technology with the durability needs of guitarists who want a pedal that never lets them down. In turn, this product provides true full-bodied 12-string guitar music and sounds that have a crisp “bell tone quality,” explained a longtime guitar enthusiast sharing online.

    The benefits of using a JOYO include:

    – Great bypass design credited with helping to minimize tone loss and sound distortion.
    – Strong varnish finish covering a water and dust resistant aluminum alloy casing
    – Handy width and rate level controls.
    – One year warranty.

    In general, the JOYO pedals now on offer feature a proven useful guitar product at affordable pricing.

    Pedal brings true sound to guitars

    According to professional guitar players, there is this classic sound goodness related to the “chorus” linked to guitar tones. In addition, the JOJO brand is internationally famous for top digital effects, sound engineering that are easily accessed by any guitar player. The product’s pedals offer a cool mix of different effects, say longtime guitar fans commenting online about the “awesome sounds” they get from their small stompboxes.

    The product is also praised for its “ultimate drive” offering proven distortion overdrive and a true rich sound. Experts say the JOYO surpasses diode tube amp performance, and that is saying something when comparing guitar technologies. At the same time, the product delivers the type of “spacious harmonics” and full response that everyday guitar players appreciate because “it makes us feel like rock star professionals to enjoy such great sounds.” This point of view is often shared online with other guitar players at all levels who also enjoy the JOYO brand when it comes to using a product designed to boost their guitar music while also sounding out any distortions.

    Overall, there has never been a better time to enjoy the benefits of using a JOYO for great sounding effects and true bypass without the device ever letting the player down.

    $$ – Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus

    boss ch-1

    Click Here To Add The Boss CH-1 To Your Pedal Board

    Boss makes impeccable music products and I definitely enjoy them. I especially want to note that I like the Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus. The sound is simply clean and brilliant giving a great effect to guitars and keyboards. There are a few different knobs that will help you achieve a precise sound with mono and stereo outputs that can connect to dual amps. I can really appreciate the rich tone that the Boss gives my tone. I take it on stage with me and it performs masterfully every time. There may be times when I want my guitar to sound light and airy, though usually that is not the case. I like to spruce up the sound and make it more dense with the Boss CH-1. I like to play around with the effect level, EQ, depth, and rate. The versatility and ability to intensify the music to a strong degree. If I’m going to pick an effects pedal, I’m definitely going with the industry standard. I’ve had the Boss for many years and it has never let me down. It’s built superbly and will last a long time. It has yet to break or crack on me in any way. I love the analog stomp box’s genuine sound.

    Very Versatile

    This amazing little device is actually capable of producing hundreds of sounds and tones, and this is the one that I’ve mainly come to love. You can easily thicken your sound and achieve the sound of two guitars. I use the box when I want to beautify the tone of the lead parts and clean parts of the song. I’ve previously had to use two or three in order to achieve the same sound, now I simply use this single pedal. There are so many beneficial features about the Boss CH-1. First of all, it’s very easy to use and there’s no way it’s going to break. There is no hum in the sound and the pedal is small and very much out of the way. Some pedals are fantastic but they are bulky and take up a great deal of space. The sound that comes out of this powerful yet small equipment is impressive every time. I literally have no cons and only pros regarding this little pedal.

    Easy To Tweak Your Tone

    Every time I use the chorus, I get a luscious, thick, liquid sound. It’s pretty easy for me to tweak the knobs here and there to get the final sound I’m looking for. I can get an obscene 80’s sound and go completely crazy or give a subtle thickness to a more gentle song. If I want to go stereo, I typically use this as a way to split the signal. Since this pedal is of the modulation type, I place it after my distortion pedal and before the delay. This setup works quite well for me. Of course, there are a multitude of ways to set up signal path placement, though most people like it the way I do it. I recommend conducting your own experiments with your rig to get the sound you’re looking for. No matter what you decide your setup is going to be, the Boss CH-1 is going to give you a phenomenal sound and refine your tone.

    Highly Recommended
    This ranks among the best chorus pedals too. Overall this is the one I’ve ever had and gives me just the sound I’m looking for. When I want to play acoustic and choose a few effects. I like how the pedal makes the clean parts of the songs really shine. If I want fatter distortion, I can achieve that sound too. It’s a very easy stompbox to operate, as opposed to more bulky and complicated multi-effects pedals. This is simply a must have for anyone who plays guitar. You don’t get any cheap sounds once you stop playing either, which happens with cheaper effects that are less quality.

    $$$ – Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Echo Chorus Vibrato Pedal

    memory boy

    Click Here To Add The Memory Boy To Your Pedal Board

    The brand Electro-Harmonix was founded in 1968 by Mike Matthews. Mike was a keyboard player working as a salesman for the IBM company. He went into partnership with Bill Berko, who had created a circuit for a fuzz . It was not long after that they began selling pedals under the Guild Guitar Company. After changing partners the company went on to its present day creating pedals for avid guitarists.

    I find the Memory boy’s streamlined version to be very enjoyable as the Memory Man has been defying time and space for many years; the Memory Boy carries on this tradition. I also found it to be reasonably priced.

    It took two years of research and development to create a pedal that took its heritage to a new level with analog IC’s that are newly refined. It defies the laws of space and time offering riffs in tones that come from a good analog delay. I also find the quality of the repeats to be simply amazing. There are so many sounds that they go from slapbacks to psychedelic delays. The modulation goes from subtle all the way to eight bit. Others who have bought this board simply love as much as I do. The Deluxe Memory Boy has brushed steel casings that are bigger than others which are compact yet they are still smaller than other units. The sounds it emits are rich and lush.

    Analog Echo Chorus

    Every generation from the seventies on has enjoyed using the Electro-Harmonix chorus. Even inventive guitarists have used this. The modulation effect delays the guitar’s signal by milliseconds even while modulating the delay at an even constant rate. It is named this because of the sound it makes. It has a doubling effect that sounds like more than one guitar is being played.

    The Electro-Harmonix’s Analog Echo Chorus has analog display that is great. If this is what you are looking for, look no further. This is exactly what I needed. The sounds created by it can be either lush and wet or metallic and shallow. It does not create or put out sounds that are crazy and of no use to me or any other guitar player.

    Vibrato Effects

    The vibrato pedal is one of the oldest in electronic effects that players ever used. The name was accidentally given to tremolo but in reality is pitch modulation. It changes the pitch note at a fixed rate. The vibrato ranges from warm and fuzzy to over the top. While it is completely modern, it gives me classic along with new sounds that I keep discovering every time I use it

    Version 1 is set to factory standards. Version 2 is the one I use to modify rate and depth. The third vibrato can also modify rate and depth, The only thing that I had to watch was when I first hit the strings on my guitar. When it is too loud, the pedal will make it one of the repeated sounds.

    If you are like me a guitar player looking for great equipment you will find everything that you need in the Electro-Harmonix line. Electro-Harmonix has been manufacturing the best equipment for all guitarist from the amateur to the professional. They are even priced so that the amateur can afford the best.

    $$$$ – MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

    mxr m134

    Click Here To Add The MXR M134 To Your Pedal Board

    The MXR M134 Stereo Chorus takes your guitar playing skills to the next level. By tuning it to your liking, you can create any rich authentic sound you desire and even vary its intensity while playing. If you want to be the next Steve Ray, Albert King, or Jeff Beck, add this fine guitar pedal to your starter pack.


    The sound is constructed in the signature yellow compact enclosure with five main button controls. These buttons are namely the Bass, Treble, Rate, Width and the Power Intensity right at the middle. The bass guitarist can create unlimited choruses and vary their rates and width with the convenient controls. The Bass and Treble controls allow for further sound equalization while the intensity is varied by the central power button.

    The M134 by MRX supports both stereo and mono outputs. This allows the guitarist to create vibrant original sound with a mono effect from the 18th century to the new age Stereo effects of Ray Vaughan. One more thing to appreciate is the glow in the dark buttons convenient for stage performance. Vary your rates and widths anytime, or take them all the way down to leave your listeners guessing what kind of chorus you are playing.


    – The Intensity button allows fine tuning the sound to the guitarist liking
    – Glow in the dark knob level indicators for easy access when performing on stage
    – Additional Bass and Treble controls to create authentic sounds
    – Compact brick that works perfectly as a foot switch
    – Compatible and perfect addition to your soundboard
    – Allows you to take boost bass levels if you are lacking in the lows
    – No overbearing choruses thanks to the Power Intensity control
    – Dial as much effect as you want with the conveniently located controls
    – Can be powered with two 9v batteries or Direct Current from a power brick
    – Determine whether your highs or lows are affected by the choruses
    – Invent and save your own choruses and use the sounds to wow your fans


    – The sound brick only comes in one color
    – The Rate and Width are limiting but can be widened with additional pedals on the sound board

    The MXR M134 Stereo Chorus is an ingenious creation that lets you create authentic sounds from your guitar. It’s the perfect addition on your soundboard with glowing level indicator that guide you as you give an electrifying stage performance. If you can’t go low on your bass, the Bass boost knob is all you need to amplify intensity while protecting your true bass.

    It’s time to take your electric guitar skills to a professional level by throwing in authentic choruses to spice your performance. Have the freedom to decide which highs get affected by the effect as your low bass remains untouched. If you are looking to upgrade from your current Rate and Width only, the M134 Chorus is perfect to boost your options. Add this to your soundboard and become the next Ray Vaughan.

    Customer Asked Questions

    Music Genres That Work Best With It

    Quite honestly, I could say just about any genre works and it all depends on how you teak the settings. But, it works for rock, metal, country, jazz, electronic, blues and just about anything! Also sounds great with both electric and electric acoustic guitars.

    Before Or After Delay?

    To me, this is really going to depend on your tone and how you set up your delay and best chorus pedals for the best tone. I would say to try it before, but there is no harm in experimenting as well to see what order you like it best.

    Before Or After Distortion / Overdrive?

    Again, this is all about your preference, tone, type of music you play and other factors. The best thing about your guitar tone is to experiment and make it your own. That said, try it both before and after and see what stands out for you.

    What Chorus Does Metallica Use?

    James uses the Boss CH-1 and Kirk has a Line6 MM4 Modulation that he uses for this and other modulation effects.

    And there you have it. Our best chorus pedal choices!

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