Some Top Picks For Best Analog Chorus Pedal

When looking at a chorus pedal, I prefer something more in the warmer and sweeter end. For this, I find that analog versions do the best job. Take a look at some of our top picks:

1. Maxon 9-Series Pure Analog Chorus

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As a part-time musician and a dedicated guitar player, I have dabbled in a lot of musical equipment over the last six years. I have identified the brands that give the most for my buck in terms of quality and consistency.

One such brand is the iconic Maxon line. In particular, Maxon Nine Series Effects which has been in the industry since the 1980’s is one such staple brands that has commanded a lot of respect in the industry. It is no exaggeration to say that the series has garnered a legendary status all over the world among musicians and collectors. The brand is known for superior sound quality, innovative and creative designs and features, great value for money and is undoubtedly one of the most preferred brands in the world.

I own several products in the Series myself but my latest purchase has been a brand new Maxon PAC-9 Pure Analog Chorus Effects Pedal. Like other in the Series, I have no regrets and would recommend the product to any willing buyer out there.

The Maxon PAC-9 – otherwise known as the resurrection of its famed predecessor, CSS05 – is known largely because of its improved circuitry and true bypass switching technology. However, this is not all that it has to boast! This pedal is powered by professional-grade circuits normally used for high-end audio applications to provide every audiophile with the best listening and playing experience. Unlike other boxes which has limited ranges, the PAC-9 adds more presence to the mix because of the additional low and mid-low frequencies. These frequencies are normally dropped in most other pedals, thereby limiting the options.

This extremely versatile range allows it to do well in transmitting classic, rotary speaker sounds with ease. It also allowed me to pursue more dramatic riffs and solos because the PAC features two unique control options which allow me to create a short delay before the effects.

The PAC also has both the standard and inverted outputs that allow for different routing options. It can route mono, stereo, and inverted-mono sounds.

I had no problem with input distortion effects as well as it has better circuitry mechanisms to eliminate this problem. Moreover, while a new addition to the series, it certainly gives the classical performance and reliability I have grown accustomed to in the Maxon Series.

I found it really intuitive and easy to use. It just feels very natural and adaptive and suited to my needs. The switching system was easy to use, and the sound so crisp and clear that I was able to transition to the right sound I was looking for with great ease.

Although definitely on the pricey end, I am happy with my purchase because this pedal has not given me any additional expenses in minor or major repairs. It has consistently performed well even with constant usage. The sound quality has not changed as well. After using this pedal for six months straight, I still marvel at the lush, rich and warm chorusing it produces. It is very easy on the ears and sounds more natural than most pedals I have used.

The workmanship and craftsmanship that went into producing every piece is evident. True to its mark of innovation, this piece has two special controls: the Bright and Pure switches. As to the best combination of sound produced by these, this pedal produces sounds clear enough to allow you to adjust the tune only by air. Again, this pedal is like second nature to seasoned players like me.

If you are looking for a classic and a good investment for your money, you cannot go wrong with the PAC-9 . Truly a gem and worth every dollar.


2. Mooer Ensemble King Analog Chorus

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Ever heard of the phrase ‘small is powerful’? Well, this definitely applies to Mooer Ensemble King analog chorus micro pedal. This one is from Mooer’s micro series, it is half the size of a regular pedal, but don’t go by its size when it comes to its performance because this little wonder is capable of delivering a power packed one! Thanks to its small and compact size your pedal board won’t be cluttered unnecessarily. This is the right model to pick up if you are looking for a pedal that gives off a warm and clear chorus sound while maintaining the spacey vibe. The fully analog circuit of the pedal is capable of producing the right sound effortlessly irrespective of the genre you’re playing.

I have been using the Mooer Ensemble King pedal for the past six months now. I purchased it on a whim when I was looking for a true bypass pedal that can help me achieve a wide range of effects. What I love most about this effective little thing is the pure analog chorus sound that it produces. To my ears the sound is really nice, almost warm but not lush. In other words, it produces a bright balanced tone with shimmer, which is suitable for a lot of music genres. The pedal does not produce muddy or watery sound at all.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, I’d give this analog chorus micro pedal a full 5 stars because there is no loss of sound quality whatsoever. Both the highs and lows are clean, vibrant and rich. Recently, I tried using the pedal for a 5 string bass and I was impressed by the fact that there was no loss of low! I now use it for my jams, sessions, gigs or whenever I am required to perform and I am proud to say that this pedal has never failed me till date!

Now, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this pedal considering its price tag, but I must say that I am pleasantly taken aback by its performance. This reasonably-priced analog chorus micro pedal can give any high end analog pedal a run for its money! The full metal casing of the pedal is the cherry on top because it makes the pedal ‘road ready’ and highly durable, which is convenient because I am very clumsy with things!

The light blue colored pedal comes with three primary settings: Level, Depth and Rate. A lot of people confuses Level for Volume, but in reality the two aren’t the same. Using the Level knob, you can adjust the amount of chorus you desire. Just as its name suggests, the Depth knob is used for controlling the depth of the chorus. And finally, the Rate knob, which is the biggest of the three, is used for adjusting the rate or speed at which the chorus is being reflected. The small pedal also squeezes in a true bypass switch, which can be used to turn the chorus on or off. The good thing about this switch is that it doesn’t affect one’s signal and cause a signal loss when it is not engaged.

What I don’t like about the pedal is that the two smaller knobs, i.e. Level and Depth, does not come marked, they are just a solid shade of black. This makes it really difficult for me to adjust if the pedal is a little far away from me. Of course, given the size of this thing, there is no way to fit 9V batteries in it, which is why it has to be powered using a 9V adapter. For some people this may be a minor setback but as far as I am concerned, I don’t mind the same.

Personally, the type of music that I like to play is classic rock with a hint of 80’s pop and this exquisite little pedal is the perfect accessory for my guitar. I would like to conclude this review by saying that the Mooer Ensemble King has definitely lived up to my expectations and I would be using it for a long time to come!


3. Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Analog Chorus

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A nano-sized pedal which can create that perfect classic wobble and provide a genuine effect? Well, that is Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone analog chorus does for you! Don’t underestimate this pedal because of its nano-sized housing because it is capable of completely rocking the sound once you have it set up with your guitar!

With the flick of the depth switch you can create anything from the shimmery ambiance to a watery atmosphere. Even though the controls may be limited on this tiny beauty, it certain does not limit the types of sounds it can produce! This goes to show that the pedal does not believe in unnecessary clutter and keeps things simple and impressive.

When it comes to the Neo Clone, the first thing that you’ll notice is how easy it is to set the pedal up. I am all for ease and convenience as far as the installation or setup process is concerned because I hate reading lengthy static text from boring user manuals! With this one, everything’s intuitive and you don’t really need to follow a guide. Just plug it in and turn the pedal on and you’re good to go, it is that easy! Of course, you will need to adjust the knobs until you get the sound of your choice.

This is a pedal that is fit for different types of musicians, performers and artists because it is compatible with a variety of music genres. It is most suitable for performing chorus sounds that are similar to ‘Come as You Are’ by the legendary Nirvana. The pedal is not at all noisy, which is definitely a huge plus point, and is capable of handling performances both at the studio and in case of live gigs. As far as the reliability is concerned, this one scores high and is completely trustworthy. In other words, you can have blind trust on this one and use it live without having a backup on standby!

This pedal is an improved version of the brand’s legendary Small Clone model. This one features a top notch bucket brigade chip for delivering quality sounds, of course the signature Small Clone circuit also contributes the same. The true analog design of the pedal is modified to perfection for superior sonic qualities and to produce sharp, accurate sounds. What’s more, the pedal also looks good with its metallic body and blue and black accents in front. Although the pedal is protected against regular wear and tear, it does give off a cool look and a lot more character when its finish start to come off after some time!

Now, this fully analog chorus pedal is powered by batteries primarily but there is also the option of using the 9.6DC-200 power supply to run the same. The depth knob is meant for adjusting the frequency change occurring in case of the altered signal. The rate knob, on the other hand, is meant for adjusting the speed of the chorus modulation. Since there are just two knobs on the pedal, i.e. depth and rate, one doesn’t really have to fuss with multiple knobs to create the right effect. Besides, having too many knobs on the pedal will only cause confusion to you!

I would say that this is one of the best chorus pedals I have ever used because it gives me full control over the range of the chorus. Thus, I can get my chorus to sound the exact same manner as I want it to sound without hassles at all. The best part is, this is a reasonably-priced pedal, therefore I don’t need to burn a large hole in my pocket just for the sake of having a high performing pedal. I find that the pedal works like a charm each and has never failed me till date. In other words, this one has definitely served me well and I am sure it would be the same in your case if you decide to pick this one up!


4. Rogue Analog Chorus Pedal

Rogue Analog Chorus Pedal

I searched a long time until I found an effects pedal that actually suited both my budget and needs. The long search ended after I bought the Rogue Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal. Read further to find out how I rate this piece of equipment.

The Rogue Analog Chorus is an aluminum-built pedal that combines durability with functionality. It creates modulation effects that range from the wide sweeping to shimmering sounds from 12-string guitars. It can complement your instrument in a lot of ways and add depth to the sound of your electric guitars and keyboards.

The pedal also features a sturdy but lightweight aluminum case protecting the electronics. The lightweight case makes this equipment very compatible with any pedalboard. This added portability makes the pedal fit for travel and tours. It also has a true-bypass switching for more control-ability. I was able to alternate between switching the effects from on and off with little to no delay in time. I was able to do this by religiously following the LED indicators that signal whether the effects were on or not.

It also has easy-to-use rate and depth controls that allowed me to customize the sound and amplification and experiment with different tunes before deciding which setting worked for me. I used the two knobs attached to it to control the modulation and the volume. The knobs were big enough that I did not have to bend down every single time I needed to make an adjustment. While seemingly trivial, this is an important feature especially for musicians playing long sets. Of course, no one would like to stop and adjust gear too often onstage and worse, in the middle of a song or performance.

As for the build, the Rogue Analog Chorus has an input impedance of 500 ohms. It has a total output load impedance of more than 10,000 ohms and an equivalent noise of less than -90dBm. Of course it has two power sources. You can rely on either the 1 x 9 volt battery or the external 9-volt DC adapter. There is no danger of running short on battery as the LED indicator will gradually dim to indicate the need to charge or switch to the alternate power supply.

I was very happy that I got this product. Not only is the built sturdy, guaranteeing that I will be using this pedal for a very long time, it also performs very well. My expectations were definitely exceeded. It sounded great, with warm and full tones and a good, variable EQ. The fullness of the sound never fell short and the quality has been consistently good even in low battery levels.

The battery life was average to slightly above average, lasting an average of two hours before I need to recharge. This longevity is not bad at all for even for performing musicians. Best of all, even after months of continuous use, I did not notice any change in the reliability of the batter. The length of time I can expect the pedals to work while powered in battery never shortened even with constant use, a testament to the durability and quality of the hardware.

For a low to mid-range product, this is definitely a good investment for a beginner or even a professional musician. It only proves that it doesn’t require tons of money to invest in good equipment. For its price point, it delivers the quality you can expect from equipment from steeper ranges. It has very clear modulations with lush, full tones.

Of course, given that the pedal only features the most basic of controls, name, the two knobs and the pedal, it does not offer as wide a range in customization as other pedals in the market but it does its job pretty well. Add to that the light build and the durability of the product, it is definitely worth every penny.

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