The Best Cheap Chorus Pedal – Biyang CH-7 Review

Biyang CH-7 Chorus Review

Biyang CH-7This relatively cheap chorus pedal has to be one of my favorites because of the lush, warm sounds it provides. The effect is not too dominant and blends well with the music. I can basically get a pure chorus sound from the Biyang Ch-7. The pedal has an analog circuits design and a clean tone with the main features of the pedal being spread (depth), speed (fast/slow), and blend (wet mix). The controls of this pedal are very simple and easy to use and all of the dials and footswitch have a sturdy feel that definitely gives me chorus quality that is unmatched for the price. When I pay my hard earned money for a chorus, that’s what I want to hear. Even if the sound I’m looking for is subtle, this pedal helps me achieve that very easily.

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Super High Quality Built to Last

All in all, this pedal is simply built really well and has high quality internal components. Plus, I can tell after using it for a while that it was built to last. High quality construction can make all the difference in a great pedal and a pedal that I will be using for a very long time. I’ve made some awesome tones thanks to this little pedal which is now a mainstay on my pedal board. I originally thought about getting the pedal because of the price. I did some research and now I’m fully aware of how fantastic the internal chips are. I’ve tried so many makes and models of chorus pedals that I was beginning to lose hope on the sound I’m trying to achieve. Thankfully, this pedal did not disappoint and I have no fear that it will hold up. I might even go as far as to say that this pedal is underrated. I can’t beat the price and quality of the pedal. It fits perfectly in my guitar case compartment. This amazing little device has stood the test of time and replaced a pedal I previously had that didn’t give me the same sound. If you’re looking for a versatile pedal on a budget, I recommend this one. I was able to play the chorus in line with a slight delay to give my more simple songs some personality.

Great Budget Chorus Choice

I’ve worked with other name brand pedals and I’ll say this pedal allows a natural sound when I’m playing electric guitar. When it comes to finding a chorus pedal, this pedal is pretty close to perfection. The blend knob is one of the best features on the chorus pedal. I can experience extremes of almost non-existent modulation to complete saturation. The fast/slow switch lets the sound move between a mellow chorus and an intense chorus effect. I was on a budget and need something with a fantastic sound that is versatile, definitely take a look at the Biyang chorus pedal.

When I turn the blend up to the max, I get deep, detuned chorus sounds. When I turn the blend down, I can dial in a chorus that adds texture. The analog circuits give the pedal a basic design. I simply can’t go wrong with this analog chorus pedal with true bypass, giving a warm natural chorus. The pedal contains high-quality hi-fi audio parts, classic circuits, and good internal structure. I really do feel as though the capabilities of this pedal have been underrated. I’ve build pedals and I can honestly say that the build quality is up to par with the best of them. I dearly love this pedal and it sounds great. I can dial it down to a low level in my mix or I can opt for something more robust. This pedal is a great deal and I would be robbing my music of something great if I didn’t use this tool.

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