Best Cheap Delay Pedal? Biyang AD-8 Delay Pedal Review

Biyang AD-8 Delay Pedal Review

Biyang AD-8 Delay PedalI love playing my guitar and have been playing it for years. Because of this, I have tried my fair share of pedals to try to even out and to create new tones from my instrument. One of the best delay pedals I have ever used has been the Biyang AD-8 and this is why I am writing this review on it. I have become quite devoted to using this pedal, in particular, as opposed to some of the other ones that I own. I bought my pedal online from Amazon and it was shipped very quickly, allowing me to give it a try right away.

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One thing that sets the Biyang AD-8 Delay Pedal For Guitar apart from some of the others I have tried in the past is that it has a dust-proof rheostat design. This basically means that you do not have to worry about dust getting in the machine. From what others have said, this allows for the pedal to last a lot longer than it otherwise would have. I do not like spending money replacing pedals that quit after just a few months, so this is a design I absolutely love. Since owning the pedal, I have found that this specific design is definitely worth the price of admission.

True Bypass

The true bypass design allows you to customize your music and have a smoother sound come out of the machine. This is why I always use it when playing for friends or for a band. I want the best sound possible and I know I am going to be able to get this when using this specific pedal. I am always recommending to my friends to get this pedal, especially when they hear me play and then come up and ask which delay I am using. I just cannot keep the secret away from them because it is such an amazing product.

Built Tough and Rugged

The stainless steel metal enclosure has two main functions. The first benefit to stainless steel is that it looks really high-end even though you are not paying a high-end price for it. You might find that the look of this pedal rivals any and all of your other ones and it is the one you constantly go to just because of the sleek design it has. Another benefit to stainless steel is that it is long-lasting. Coupled with the dust-proof design with the stainless steel, it is no wonder that this is my favorite pedal and one I know I am going to be using for years and years.

The high precision resistance allows for a smooth and amazing play that you are sure to love for yourself. I cannot believe I went this long not using the Biyang AD-8 and using some of the other out there that I have tried. I have told my friends and relatives about this pedal and will definitely buy another one just because of how well it works. This will allow me to have two in case I need an extra for something or have misplaced my other one.

Great Value For The Money

The price for this pedal is also quite good in my opinion. I have priced a lot of pedals in the past, trust me. I know how much they sell for and the fact that they can get pretty pricey rather quickly. This is why I also chose this pedal for myself and any guitar playing that I do. Not only does it work amazingly and provide superior sound, but it also is not going to be a burden to you or me financially. I love the fact that I can buy the pedal and begin using it right when it is delivered to my home. This is something I love and totally recommend to anyone who might be on the fence about buying.

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