Make It Small With These Best Mini Delay Pedals

Sometimes, you want to add more effects to your pedalboard but you just don’t have room. This is where mini delay pedals can come in – they still provide excellent effects and are just in a small enclosure. Good things come in small packages!

1. Donner Wave Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Super Mini

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I love the warmth and body that an analog delay pedal can add to my guitar sound. There are a ton of different analog delay pedals on the market. Donner is known to produce some of the best of these delay pedals in the world. They recently released the Donner Wave Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Super Mini. Here was I found when I tested it.

Purely analog – Some pedal companies claim to produce analog gear without designing them completely that way. Most of them include some delay circuitry in addition to the analog circuits. I opened up the Donner Wave Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Super Mini pedal and found that the device is made completely analog from the 1/4″ input to the 1/4″ output.

Long Delay – Analog models do have a limited delay time when compared to their digital counterparts. The Donner Wave’s tops out at 620ms. This time longer than almost every analog delay that I already own.

Mini – My pedal board seems to be shrinking, or maybe I just keep adding pedals. This effects unit is small enough to fit onto just about anyone’s touring rig. It packs a lot of power considering its diminutive size.

One top of these great features, the pedal, is also very easy to use. The effects unit is designed with just three knobs. Level determines the amount of wet signal in the sound. The feedback parameter decides how long signal will repeat before it decays. The Time function determines how much time there is between each repeat. This pedal gives the player a lot of delay options without breaking the bank. I recommend it.

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2. TC Electronic Flashback Mini

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Mini versions of pedals are very in style right now. The developments in pedal technology have allowed them to be even easier to make. Guitarists love miniature pedals because they are lighter and now they can fit even more effects onto their pedal board. TC Electronics just came out with the mini version of their mono delay pedal, the TC Electronic Flashback Mini.

My primary concern when I first plugged this pedal in was whether or not it could provide the same artistic expression and tonal options that its big brother offers. My questions were answered very quickly when I tried out all the options on the TC Electronic Flashback Mini. When I used it, I was extremely impressed with the tonal range of the small pedal.

The coolest thing about this piece of gear to me is the TonePrint feature. TonePrint allows players to go online and download different delay sounds that have been made by master guitar players to their pedal and then call them up when they are using it. Some of these custom sounds are classic sounds that will be immediately recognizable to most guitar players.

I haven’t taken the pedal on the road. I do know that the Flashback is made with the same quality and attention to detail that other TC Electronics have. This means that it will be able to withstand the rigors of touring. Any guitar player that is looking for a powerful and varied mono delay pedal that will fit anywhere on the board should give the Flashback Mini a shot.

My friend plays solo five string bass and uses the TC Mini Delay to create dreamlike soundscapes.  He also uses a stereo-to-mono jack to play duets with violin, viola or guitar.  The pedal makes everything sound great.  We played Walking on the Moon as a dubbed out reggae vibe and it sounded great.

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3. Ibanez AD MINI Analog Delay

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The most recent trend when it comes to effects is to make the pedals as small as possible without losing any or the effect’s power. Musicians love their portability. It also allows them to fit more effects into their signal chain without it becoming too cumbersome. The Ibanez AD MINI Analog Delay Effect Pedal is the latest delay unit to do just that.

Ibanez is more popular as a guitar maker, but they do make the Tube Screamer which is one of the most popular overdrive pedals in the world. I love analog delays. My passion for analog delay is the reason why I was so excited to try their mini analog delay offering. I know the quality that this company brings to the table when it comes to gear.

The pedal packs a huge punch considering its size and simple design. The analog components and wiring will warm up and broaden anyone’s sound. There are three knobs on the pedal; repeat, blend, and delay time. Repeat is just another word for feedback in this instance. Blend determines the balance between wet and dry signal. The delay time knob’s function should be pretty obvious.

The Ibanez AD MINI Analog Delay Effect Pedal has true bypass technology. It won’t add any noise to your signal when it is switched off. The MINI also has a very long delay time for an analog pedal. It tops out a 600ms. There are 1/4″ stereo ins and outs. This pedal should be a welcome addition to any musician’s rig because of its power and tiny footprint.

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4. Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay

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I have been looking for a top-quality delay pedal that does perform as advertised for a very long time to no avail, but then I laid my hands on the Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal and I can say I was impressed. Here is a review of this delay pedal.

The Donner Yellow has simple and easy to use controls. Its control knobs include Delay, Echo, and Repeat. Its controls feature a large knob small knob layout for easy access to the exact knob you want to adjust even in poor lighting conditions. The largest and also main knob is Delay time, which ranges from 20ms to as much as 620ms, the Echo knob controls echo and other similar effects on the delay, and the Repeat knob repeats the delay from 1 to infinite.

This pedal is very quiet when compared to other similar delay pedals. Though its manufacturers indicate that its delay time can go up to 620ms, I was only able to achieve 400ms, which is fine by me. The repeats are clear and have a nice warm sound though not crystal clear and the pedal, in general, does a great slapback echo that is great for rock-style playing. This pedal sounds really good when considering the price that I bought it, which was very cheap.

The Donner Yellow’s casing is made of aluminum, which is a very strong material, therefore, an assurance that it will serve you for quite some time without breakage or damage.

I found the quality of sound the Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal produces pretty good. Therefore, for a pocket-friendly pedal, I would highly recommend the Donner Yellow.

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5. Mooer MDL1 Repeater

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The Mooer MDL1 Repeater Guitar Delay Effects Pedal is an impressive piece of equipment that dishes out delays of the original, long, and atmospheric variety. The Repeater does not disappoint when it comes to the quality of the signal that it produces. This pedal can produce extremely long feedback times before self-oscillation starts to occur, has a delay range of 25ms-1000ms, and its repeats are very clean reproductions of the dry signal. I had the opportunity of trying out this pedal and here are some of its features and benefits.

The controls of the Mooer MDL1 Repeater are simple and easy to use. These controls include Feedback for setting the amount of time the delays continue to trail, Level for controlling the volume of the delays, and Time that you can use to adjust the tempo of the selected delays. This pedal also has a 3-way toggle switch that is used to select Kill Dry, Normal, and Mod functions. The Kill Dry function cuts the dry signal so that only the delays are present at the output of the pedal, Mod adds an atmospheric chorusing effect to the delays, and Normal functions as a standard delay.

This repeater pedal is packed with a ton of useful and thoughtful features. It has been impressively designed to offer a large delay range and repeats that are very clear. This pedal performs greatly for accurate guitar doubling type effects and for long atmospheric delays.

I was greatly impressed by the small size of the unit and yet admirable performance, its tap tempo, and programmability. Therefore, I highly recommend the Mooer MDL1 Repeater Guitar Delay Effects Pedal.

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