Mini Delay Pedal! The Mooer Ana Echo Analog Delay Micro Review

Mooer Ana Echo Mini Pedal Review

Mooer Ana EchoIf you’re interested in making your guitar sound even more cool then you will need to get yourself some guitar effects. You will be surprised at how much difference these little devices can make in terms of the output sound! These pedals come in different styles to suit a vast range of music genre, so make sure you do your homework well in order to know which to pick up for yourself. With the right guitar pedal in place, you will be able to put your foot into your sound and wow the crowd with ease!

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Recently, I have come across one of the cutest and most impressive guitar pedal: the Mooer Ana Echo micro pedal. Encased in a hot pink metal shell, this small and exquisite analog delay micro pedal does its job extremely well and leaves one spellbound! Don’t be fooled by its size, this little wonder is capable of producing smooth warm analog delays ranging from 20 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds. Owing to its small and compact size there is no provision for fitting a 9 volt battery, which is why the micro pedal is powered by a standard 9 volt power source. The full analog circuit of the pedal makes it the ideal choice for a secondary delay, a light delay or a backup.

Easy To Use Controls

The controls of the Mooer Ana Echo is quite straightforward and easy to use. There are three knobs: echo, intense and rate. The echo knob is basically meant for controlling the mix of the effect, i.e. you can opt for a louder slap back effect or a quiet and subtle echo. The next knob, i.e. the intensity knob, allows you to modify the length of the repeats. Thus, you can go from endless repeats to a one slab-back repeat to a super-fast echo which almost makes it seem like the notes are doubled! As for the big knob, i.e. the rate one, you can adjust the time from 20 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds.

Easy On Your Pedalboard Space

The analog delay micro pedal is the right choice for you if you don’t have a lot of space on your pedalboard or if you want a quick solution for light delay effects. Even though this may not be a digital guitar pedal, I love it to pieces because it produces rich and smooth sounds. Hence, it does not necessarily overpower your playing, but just does it job delicately in the background.

Vintage Delay Vibe With Simplicity

This vintage analog delay micro pedal is very user-friendly as well. What users love most about its design is the simplicity that comes with it. Considering its price tag, this is quite a good deal as it is one of the finest units in the market. Irrespective of the delay tone you’re looking for, you can rest assured that the Mooer Ana Echo would be able to achieve it very easily and quickly. Apart from the aesthetic factor, the full metal body of the pedal makes it all the more durable and ready for the road! Offering true bypass, this lightweight pedal (it weighs only 0.36 pounds!) is indeed a delight for guitar players.

Great For All Applications

The Mooer Ana Echo is perfect for use in a home studio, for amateur/professional recording and even for live performances. Due to its user-friendliness, it makes a great option for those who are learning how to play the guitar and want to experiment with the effects produced. The micro pedal is perfect for solos and chords. The expensive look and feel of the product definitely makes it more appealing. In conclusion I’d like to state that this is a guitar pedal which I would definitely recommend this to a friend because it is a value-for-money product and to be honest, quite a steal!

Video Demo

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