MXR M169 Carbon Copy Pedal Review

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Pedal Review

MXR_M169_Carbon_CopyThe MXR M169 Carbon Copy┬« Analog Delay Pedal is a rich, all-analog delay pedal that can produce up to 600ms of delay time. The modulation controls of this pedal emulate tape echo tones, perfect for generation crisp slaps to warm, epic tones. The pedal features the bucket-brigade technology, which may be a bit old school but it goes perfectly well with the type of effects that it generates. This is also a True Bypass pedal. It is perfect for those who are interested in creating sounds having a ’70s vibe to it. The pedal is worth the investment as it is highly impressive with its performance.

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The three primary knobs on the pedal are situated right at the top, laid out in a neat manner: Regen, Mix and Delay. While the Delay is meant for controlling the delay time, the Mix knob is used for adjusting between dry and wet blends. The Regen knob, on the other hand, is meant for controlling the delay repeats. Now, don’t be fooled by the presence of just three knobs because the pedal is incredibly versatile. This just goes to show that an analog delay pedal does not need to have a crazy amount of knobs and controls in order to be able to produce a wide range of effects!

Super Easy To Dial In The Right Amount Of Delay

Additionally, there are two internal trim pots which offer even more tonal options to the user. One can modulate the width and rate of the sound using these pots in order to arrive at the desired tune. Thus, it is completely worthwhile to open up the pedal in order to find your signature preference as far as modulation is concerned. In fact, these internal trim pots add a lot more character to the repeats. Thanks to these one can make interesting modulation to the regeneration in order to make the music sound even cooler! The M169 pedal can be powered using either a single 9V battery or a Dunlop ECB003 AC adapter.

There is no shortage of guitar effects pedals out there in the market, but the MXR M169 stands out from the crowd with completely ease because it is an extremely efficient pedal. The real analog delay effect coupled with the retro bucket brigade technology makes it an instant hit among the masses. What’s more, the pedal is very compact in size, i.e. it is just about the size of a Phase 90. The stompbox enclosure is very sturdy too, making it perfect for use when on the road.

No doubt, this is a solid one. When I first started using it, I wanted to produce warm and fluid sounds, so I set the delay control as far left as it can go. I noticed that this produces some great slapback delay tones, possibly the best that I have ever heard in my life (I am not exaggerating)! For me, the fact that this pedal can produce a nice and warm but highly unique character makes it so much more impressive. Thus, this proves that the pedal is not just a blind copy of a classic pedal but rather one that is impressive enough to standout on its own!

I would definitely say that this is the best analog delay pedal that I have used in my life. Considering the reasonable price, the small footprint and the incredible sounds it produces, this one is a steal! This modern classic device will serve you well for years to come and it might even become your treasured pedal! Another good thing about the pedal is that it has an easy setup, therefore you don’t need to be very tech-savvy in order to be able to set this up with your guitar or musical instrument. I totally treasure this rugged but beautifully constructed analog delay pedal. If I lose it then I would immediately replace it with the same and not go for the newer models — this is how much I am impressed with the pedal!

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