Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal Review

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay PedalJust like the tape delays and realistic digital modeling for vintage analog, the digital delay has been in use for quite a while. Nevertheless, as great as the effects are, it is still very hard to beat the intrinsic musicality of the genuine analog delay. Seymour Duncan has produced a real analog delay pedal well known as the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal. It combines the finest attributes of sincere Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) integrated circuits with some contemporary low-noise analog electronics. As a result, the pedal delivers the warm, rich tone of a genuine analog echo, which has a crystal-clear signal quality as well as a definition that is similar to the state-of-the-art digital technology.

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The Vapor Trail Analog Delay is designed to produce authentic vintage tones with warmth, presence and clarity. The responsive modulation controls normally add movement and shimmer to your tone. The depth and rate controls are on the surface and they are easily tweak-able to live settings.


• The rate control knob sets the modulation rate from 0.2Hz to 4Hz.
• The depth control dial sets the depth of modulation from zero (0) to over the top.
• The true bypass that allows the signal pass to go unaffected when it is disengaged.
• All analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) delay signal pathway is supported by up-to-date low-noise analog electronics therefore, it produces vintage sounding. It does not have digital signal processors or microprocessors.
• The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal offers a good number of brilliant sounds from the ambient, long liquid delays and slap-back echo to long liquid delays and rotating speaker.
• The delay control dial adjusts the delay time from fifteen (15) ms to six hundred (600) ms. The actual delay time that is indicated by the flash rate of illuminated delay time dial.
• The repeats control dial adjusts the delay feedback from a single repeat to self-oscillation and runaway repeats.
• The mix control knob blends the dry and wet signals. The wet gain is adjustable to +3decibels (dB) from muted. The first echo is louder at the highest setting in the wet signal than in the dry signal.
• The TRS wet channel insert loop for flexible wet routing allows the application of external effects only to the wet signal. It also serves as the wet-only output for dry/wet studio or stereo or use.

This pedal packs a few additional features that make it more competitive as compared to its competitors. The send/return effects are used to color the delay together with other pedals. A transparent delay dial with a blue LED flashing light also offers you the real-time feedback of delay time.


• Weight: 0.8 pounds
• The pedal type is delay
• One-quarter inch output
• The dry gain is fixed at 1dB.
• The bypass type is true bypass.
• One-quarter inch instrument input
• The output impedance is one kilohm
• The current consumption is11mA typical
• It has one nine-volt battery for power supply
• The maximum delay time is 600ms (0.6 seconds)
• The input impedance is one Meg (active), open (bypassed)
• The dimensions of the unit are 2.61″(Width) x 4.90″ (Depth)x 1.45″ (Height)
• Wet Noise Floor: Negative ninety (-90) dBV at output with 400 Hz to 20 kHz
• The dry frequency response: It is less than -1dB at ten Hz and one hundred kHz
• Dial in the precise settings with the delay, depth, mix, rate, and repeat controls.
• The dry Distortion: It is at 0.002% at two hundred and fifty (250) Hz, one volt RMS output
• Dry Noise Floor: Negative one hundred (-100) dBV at output with 400Hz to 20 kHz when input is unplugged


While most of the new analog delay pedals have some slight hissing in the background, the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal is dead quiet. Consequently, the delayed signals normally sounds rich, full, and big while they retain a percussive definition and attack that is usually found with digital delays. Dialing in slow modulation yields echo tones with some luscious lushness, which is constantly smooth and never turns into incomprehensible mush.

The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal is warm but produces incredibly clean sound (its strongest attribute). In addition, it expands the creative potential of the pedals beyond that of an average delay effect; therefore, allowing guitar players to configure the wet-dry setup easily just like many pros experiment with the unusual processing.

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