The Top 10 Best Analog Delay Pedals For Guitar

Top 10 Best Analog Delay Pedals

Guitar players do not have the same set of needs when it comes to effects, gear, and pedals. With this in mind, it is easy to summarize the fact that there is no such thing as “the best” pedal. The best pedal for one person may not be ideal for another guitarist with a different set of criteria or requirement. This is why we have enumerate the best 10 analog delay pedals that we think are flexible and can be very useful in most applications.

It is undeniably difficult to enumerate the features that you need to find in a delay pedal. However, there are constant elements or factors that you need to check to guarantee that you are indeed a purchasing a delay pedal worth buying.

  • Value
  • Simplistic design
  • Flexibility features
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Quality materials
  • Size and compact features

Most guitarists prefer the use of analog delay pedals as it delivers a mor consistent quality tone as compared to digital analog delays that can only promise more flexibility rather than quality.

Here are the top 10 analog delay pedals that you may want to check out prior to shopping!

1. MXR 169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

MXR_M169_Carbon_CopyClick here for more information.

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This analog-type pedal delay is popular for its tried-and-tested tone and extremely flexible settings packaged in a compact chassis making it the best delay pedal for musicians whoa are constantly on the move.

This delay pedal boasts a full-on analog audio path that presents ultimately rich and warm delays thanks to the brand’s classic brigade technology. It features an amazing 600ms delay tome with added optional modulation via a top-mounted switch. The MXR 169 sports a three-knob layout that is responsible for controlling Delay time, Mix, and Regen or delay repeats.

Despite the many functionalities, the MXR 169 Carbon Copy Analog Display pedal is compact as it is no bigger than the brand’s Phase 90.

Other features:

  • true hard-wire by pass system
  • 9V operation
  • extremely compact feature allows you to take it with you wherever you go

2. Rogue Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

Rogue Analog DelayClick here for more information.

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This effects pedal generates echo effects ranging from long repeating echoes to short slap-backs. It is a multi-purpose effects pedal as it can be used on electric guitars and electronic keyboards to name a few.

The Rogue Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal houses three control knobs that enables users to adjust quickly in terms of speed of the echo repeats. The control knobs allow for the adjustment of the number of echoes and overall volume of effected sounds as well.

The bypass switch on the other hand helps in facilitating the engagement and disengagement of the effect. The bright LED indicators functions to show users when the effect is actually engaged, whilst changing brightness quality to dim when it’s time to change batteries.

This effects pedal is made fro pure aluminum, thus guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Other features:

  • sturdy but extremely lightweight aluminum case
  • true bypass switching mechanism
  • straightforward and easy to use Time, Repeat, and Level controls

3. Mooer Ana Echo Delay Micro Pedal

Mooer Ana EchoClick here for more information.

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Packaged in a cute and compact pink casing, this pedal will deliver excellent delay all the time.

It delivers awesome delayed tones with relative ease due to its easy-to-use and operate controls. Regardless of the type of delayed tone an individual is looking for, the Mooer Ana Echo Delay Micro Pedal can attain them in a quick and easy manner. It is made from full-metal casing thus you can be sure it is highly durable and can be easily transported due to its compact quality.

Other features:

  • pedalboard friendly due to its compact size and dimensions
  • full metal shell lets you travel with it everywhere you go
  • true bypass switching system

4. Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay PedalClick here for more information.

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The Vapor Trail released by world-class brand Seymour Duncan is a true analog delay pedal that traditionally utilizes the ever-famous Bucket Brigade Devices of BBDs, thus giving this model an authentic and vintage sound with its amazing qualities of warmth, fullness, and depth. It delivers top-notch clarity that makes it one of the best delay pedals at present.

The highly-responsive modulation controls or knobs adds crucial movement and shimmer to your output, whilst rate and depth controls positioned right on the top portion of the panel enables easy adjustment even during live settings.

It also boasts a TRS jack that enables users to add more effects to the wet signals. Users may also use this jack for processing a wet-only signal for parallel effect loops. This may also be plugged in any standard volume-type pedal, thus allowing the high level of variation from wet to full-wet using a delay only pedal.

Other features:

  • LED lights flashes signals visual feedback on the delay time selected even when playing live
  • TRS jack insert for FX looping capabilities

5. Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter Analog Delay Pedal

Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter Analog Delay PedalClick here for more information.

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The famous Ibanez has one of the best delay pedals for years now- the Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter Analog Delay pedal with Modulation Guitar Effects. You are guaranteed with real-time delay change with an exceptional pedal made by an equally exceptional music brand.

It houses awesome control knobs such as Feedback, Mix, Depth knobs, and Delay Time Control.

What makes this delay pedal unique is the two dipswitches that engage and disengage Modulation and Oscillation qualities. Ibanez was successful in combining genuine analog sound quality with digital-like flexibility. The extra features such as the on-the-fly tempo adjustment as well as tap-tempo footswitch are commonly rare among analog stompboxes, but are present and in good working condition in the Ibanez ES2.

Other features:

  • true analog delay effects pedal
  • tag tempo and on-the-fly tempo adjustments
  • excellent real-time tweakability

6. Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay Effect Pedal

Malekko Ekko 616 Analog DelayClick here for more information.

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The Malekko Heavy Industry Ekko616 MKII Dark Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal boasts some amazing smart design features. The company has always been known to be the premiere manufacturer when it comes to top-notch BBD delays. This pedal is fully features compact delay coupled with external modulation controls, optional buffer, and an internal level pot, not to mention its 650ms of pure analog delay goodness.

The EKKO 616 MKII boasts dedicated repeats that allow larger bandwidth to penetrate than most traditional analog pedals. When the mix knob is all the way up, the repeats are sure to be slightly louder than unity with dry signal.

Regeneration knob on the other hand will take users from simple slap-back to nice gentle decay of repeats.

By engaging the modulation, this delay pedal will assume a totally different personality ranging from soft chorusing or a beautiful vibrato to way beyond.

This pedal comes in true bypass or buffered bypass systems. The revised bypass circuitry is guaranteed smooth and transparent, even when you have tons of other pedals on your board.

Other features:

  • redesigned protection circuitry for improved component safety
  • new and improved buffering circuitry for flat response and hotter inputs
  • MIX pot allows for louder effect levels
  • Modulation range facilitates finer and more refined tuning resulting in more balanced overall effect

7. Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy Analog Delay

Electro-Harmonix Memory ToyClick here for more information.

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This small analog pedal boasts big-time delay. The Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy Pedal features a pure and genuine analog delay for guitarists who desire to attain thick sound despite their tight budget. The company successfully combined select components with their high value to quality and excellent resulting in an amazing 550ms delay.

Other features:

  • Delay control manipulates the range of delay time from 30ms to 550ms
  • Blend control mix knob allows variation from 100% dry when set counter clockwise and 100% wet for a clockwise turn
  • Feedback control raises the number of delay repeats or multiple echoes
  • MOD switch allows for slow modulation on the delay time
  • Status LEF shows that the pedal is in effect mode, whilst the LED is off this means the pedal is in true bypass mode

8. Way Huge WHE701 Aqua-Puss Analog Delay Pedal

Way_Huge_WHE701_Aqua-PussClick here for more information.

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The beautiful smooth delay is what the Way Huge WHE701 Aqua-Puss Analog Delay exactly offers to musicians. It offers both bold analog and tape delay echo effects. It boasts the unique outstanding tone that Way Huge has always been known for since the first release of its effects and gear.

Other Features

  • Delay knob allows users to control delay tome from a tight 20ms to 300ms
  • Feedback control regulates the duration of the delay and intensity of the delay
  • Blend knob sets a balance between dry and delayed signal from mild to wild

9. Maxon Compact Series AD10 Analog Delay Pedal

Maxon Compact Series AD10 Analog DelayClick here for more information.

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The Maxon Compact Series AD 10 Analog Delay Pedal not only sounds great but easy to control and adjust too! Wither over 30 years of experience in designing analog delay pedals, it is no doubt Axon is one of the best delay pedal models to date.

The AD10 can deliver up to 600 milliseconds of beautifully organic delay that doesn’t ruin or interrupt your guitar’s original tone. The delay repeats are refined and tuned to perfection boasting subtle but distinct distortion.

Other features

  • minimalist control panel making it easy to dial in delay effects
  • unique Maxon sound when stacked with distortions and overdrives
  • works well in the FX loop of an amp and excels at the runaway feedback self-oscillation from a top-notch analog delay pedal
  • 100 analog delay with 600ms delay time
  • special filtering on repeats to avoid or decrease distortion

10. Biyang AD-8 Delay Pedal

Biyang AD-8 Delay PedalClick here for more information.

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Considered by many guitarists as one of the best delay pedals they have used in a long time, Biyang AD-8 should definitely be on your list the next time you purchase gear and effects for your axe.

One of the things that make the AD-8 unique is its dust-proof rheostat design. This only means that users need not worry about dust entering machine interiors. This feature enables the pedal to last longer than it otherwise would have.

The true bypass designs allows for music customization with smoother sound altogether.

Tough and rough design build is exceptionally sturdy and stylish. The pedal is encased in stainless steel metal making it look high end and last longer too. High-precision resistance features facilitate smooth and flawless play that you and the audience will love.



    Biyang? Are you kidding me? Worst list ever! How much did Biyang pay your to fabricate a review?


      We all have our own opinions but I find the AD-8 to be a good delay if you are on a budget.

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