Biyang Metal End (King) High Gain Distortion Pedal Review

Biyang "Metal End" High Gain Distortion Effects Pedal

Biyang "Metal End" High Gain Distortion Effects PedalThe Biyang Metal End (King) High Gain Distortion Effects Pedal is indeed a sight to behold. When I first laid my eyes on this one, I was floored by the number of knobs it has. There are six knobs altogether accompanied by four switches and a True Bypass design. All of these are housed in a shiny stainless steel body that keeps dust and everyday wear-and-tear at bay, thus contributing to the long lifespan of the pedal. The ‘King’ in its name is fully justified in the sense that it is made of higher quality components (components which are truly fit for a king!) as opposed to the regular version. Thus, I would definitely advise you to shell out a little extra money and go for the ‘King’ version; believe me, you will definitely not regret your choice!

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The Biyang Metal End belongs to the ToneFancier series. I haven’t tried out the other pedals in case of this series, i.e. this pedal is the first one that I picked up from the series and I must say that I am loving it already! I am sure the other guitar effects pedal from the series would be just as impressive or maybe even more! The one thing that really made a big impression on me is the fact that the pedal is capable of working with any guitar in order to produce a fantastic sound. This, in my opinion, is the true mark of a stellar distortion pedal. So, irrespective of which guitar you use, you will be able to reach a mammoth distortion sound if you simply adjust the knobs a bit because there is a plethora of tonal variations to dabble in!

The six knobs at the top of the pedal are: Level, Low, Mid Freq, Middle, High and Distortion. Then there are four switches: the amp simulator switch, the normal/bright/warm switch, the high cut switch and lastly a toggle switch that allows you to shuttle between modern, normal and classic modes. On summing all these up, you’d get 18 different distortion modes just from the switches! So you can only imagine the figure if you take into account the six adjustment knobs located at the top of the pedal. With so many controls to work with, you can rest assured that the versatility of this one will be top notch and that it will possible to create all sorts of distortions from a small crunch to a full-blown intense metal!

As far as the effects are concerned, the ones offered by this pedal can be summed up in the following manner:
4 EQ controls: low, middle, high and mid-frequency
3 amp modes: normal, modern classic
3 tone modes: bright, normal and warm

Thus, even a novice guitar player who is not familiar with pedals would be able to tell that this one is indeed a tremendously impressive pedal, one that does the name ‘King’ justice! Another personal favorite feature of mine is its amp simulator. You can plug this one straight into a mixing desk or a PA and it would be ready to produce amazing tones.

You can power this in two ways: using a 9V battery or a standard DC 9V adapter. As for me, I like using the battery because it is more convenient but if you want to plug it into a direct power outlet then you will have to purchase the adapter separately.

Now being a compulsive shopper of sorts when it comes to guitar pedals, I have purchased a lot of distortion pedals in the past. However, I can proudly and happily say that none of these can hold a candle to this pedal. This is a great pedal to play with, once you try this one out you won’t feel like turning back to the other pedals because it is just that great!

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