Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Review

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Review

Boss_MT-2_Zone_DistortionI like to play some of my songs with a very heavy distortion and this guitar pedal allows me to do that and so much more. I get the scooped mids and thundering lows I’m looking for which gives me the sound of a stack of amps on overdrive. The Boss Mt-2 Metal Zone Distortion is pretty much unmatched and that’s the reason it is a mainstay on my pedal board. I feel like when I’m using this pedal, I’m bringing immense power to the table. I have a wide range of distortion textures too and I can really appreciate that feature. If it isn’t obvious enough, this pedal was made for metal. When I’m playing metal live, I can’t be without this since I can pretty much play any metal style with this pedal. Some us need something heavy and hard and this pedal definitely has the official metal sound, so it was well-named. This pedal will last an incredibly long time, so you can plan on using it for more than the next decade. Since the pedal is so versatile, I can go off on a whim and play anything. I’ve tried using other pedals, though I always return to this one. This powerful and sturdy little thing is a great investment.

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Created For All Types Of Metal

It is worth noting that this pedal is intended to be used with an amp on a clean setting. Regarding sound, you truly have to keep in mind that this pedal was created to play metal or heavy punk rock and the pedal is excellent at achieving these sounds. The EQ is quite flexible and allows you to dial in nearly any sound I can fathom. Gain is also adjustable so you can have a precise sound. Since this pedal is built extremely well, you can plan on having it around for quite some time. It is not an overestimation to expect the pedal to last 10 to 20 years, even if you use the equipment frequently. If I had to describe the sounds this pedal produces, I would call it edgy and smooth. The sustain is amazingly solid and gives you a big sound that is difficult to replicate in any other way. Other pedals may come close, but none truly compare. There is nothing I require of my music that I can’t get from using this pedal. I absolutely refuse to play my guitar without having this on my pedal board. Quick research will show that this pedal is legendary. Dirty tones can be easily created with this pedal at my side.

Built Like A Tank

At times I use the light distortion sound or I may change it to full blown, high gain heavy metal tones. This pedal is truly a beast that has to be tamed into what you want it to be. Spending some time with this pedal teaches me a great deal about shaping the sound. It took me no more than 10 minutes to be impressed when I initially got the Boss MT-2. Many guitarists share the common feeling that this is one of the best Boss pedals on the market. I know some musicians like to get really heavy and this pedal is actually perfect for extremely heavy music such as; thrash, death metal, and even doom. Plus the equipment is complete with a book that shows you how to adjust the settings so you can play hard rock, overdrive, British rock, or simply metal. Countless great albums were constructed with the help of the Boss MT-2 and I enjoy being able to use common equipment among professional musicians. I feel that this was money well spent on an investment that will continue to benefit me for some time. There’s no reason not to love an effects pedal that gives you such a clean sound, I’m not sure I could ask for better. I would only recommend having a nice amp to connect it with that will not cause imperfections to the sound.

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