DigiTech XMM Metal Master Pedal Review

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DigiTech XMM Metal MasterThe DigiTech XMM Metal Master-Distortion Guitar Pedal is a no-nonsense guitar pedal that is capable of making any amp sound raging. The multi-distortion technology is the main USP of this device. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to produce a wide array of distortion types which can be combined in different ways for the desired effect. As far as the adjectives for such distortions are concerned, I would describe them as brain-shredding and proper head-banging! Thus, this guitar pedal is not your average entry level distortion pedal, but rather a high quality one which is also suitable for use in professional recordings in studios!

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What impressed me the most about this pedal is the fact that it is capable of morphing among Boss Metal Zone, DOD Death Metal, Boogie Mark III, Rectifier and so on. The Clean signal out, the Cab Modeling out and the spectral-contouring EQ all add more character to the pedal and are great features to have onboard. The studio-quality sounds produced by the pedal can be adjusted using the Level, Lo and Hi (EQ) and Morph controls for the perfect end result. Thus, this is the right guitar pedal to pick up if you want to transform your guitar into a monster distortion instrument!

Handles All Genres Of Metal

The Metal Master distortion is most suitable for music genres such as death metal, heavy metal and thrash. The effects produced by the pedal are just right for these playing styles. What attracted me most about this device is its excellent sound quality, its compact design, its responsiveness, versatility and the amazing selection of effects associated with the pedal. Apart from professional recording, the pedal is also great for use in home studios, for amateur recording and also for both indoor and outdoor performances. You can always count on it to provide you with a really nice heavy tone for your music.

Get Ready To Have Your Face Melted Off!

Head-banger musicians can rejoice because the XMM Metal Master Distortion is a 3-in-1 product. The highlight of the stomp box, i.e. the Morph knob is the true star. It can produce anything from a smooth high gain tone to a deeply scooped midrange tone to heavy and punchy midrange metal tones that can cut through any type of mix! Thus, depending upon what your preferences are, you can tweak the stomp box and generate unique music. What’s more, the pedal also offers dual amp/mixer outputs featuring optional cabinet modeling circuitry. These help you refine your tone even further, thus making it as perfect as possible!

Built Tough

Considering the amazing performance of the stomp box, it is only right that the design and packaging of the same do it justice. DigiTech does not disappoint in this regard, the rugged metal chassis of the distortion pedal makes it highly durable and sturdy. Thus, it would be able to withstand the abuse of the road and serve you well for years to come! Weighing just 1.38 lbs, this portable device can be powered using 4.8 watts power supply or a 9V alkaline dry battery. A fully-charged battery will be able to provide you with four hours of usage at a go. For a long battery life it is advisable to use fresh and high quality alkaline batteries only.

When I first plugged in the pedal and set it up with my guitar, the first thing that I noticed about it is that it has a tremendous amount of gain, which is very impressive considering the build of the stomp box. In fact, the device has enough gain to enable you to achieve grinding brutal metal sounds. However, this doesn’t mean that the device is incapable of producing clarity for rhythm sounds because it does that with equal ease and finesse! Also, another thing that I really like about DigiTech XMM Metal Master Distortion is that it is not at all ‘fussy’ about the amps or the quality of the guitar it is connected to. In other words, the pedal supports and enhances all musical instruments and makes them sound even better!

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