Mad Professor MAD-HW-SBOD Distortion Pedal Review

Mad Professor MAD-HW-SBOD Distortion Pedal Review

Mad Professor MAD-HW-SBODHandcrafted in Finland, the Mad Professor MAD-HW-SBOD Guitar Distortion Effects Pedal is exactly what its name suggests. This is an distortion pedal that is a cut above the rest. Harmonically rich in terms of tones produced and manually wired to perfection, this is a pedal that you will want to invest in if you want light overdrive and soft distortion with clean sounds. It wouldn’t be wrong to categorize the pedal as one that is a ‘top of the line’ product. Featuring a unique ‘Z’ knob, the Sky Blue Overdrive pedal would enable you to hear your guitar in a whole new way, one that you never heard before!

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The unique four knob pedal is made of premium components only, thus you can expect it to give you hassle-free performances for years down the line. You can count on this overdrive pedal to provide you with a superb musical tone when you tweak the four controls that come with it. The first knob is Volume. This one allows you to set the output volume of the effect generated by the pedal. Next is the Distort knob, this one controls the overdrive or distortion effect, you can tweak it as per your requirement.

The Texture knob is meant for changing how and when the circuit distorts. You can also use it for adjusting the overall EQ. When you dial this knob, you will be adjusting the midrange and the compression. If you want a more saturated effect which can be effortlessly distorted then you should turn the CCW. This would also provide a minor treble boost and reduce the compression thereby generating an overall sound that is pleasant to the ears.

Last but not least, the Z knob. This is the highlight of the pedal. It allows users to produce an adjustable load to the guitar or the instrument connected to the pedal. When you dial this knob, you can make adjustments in the upper resonant peak pertaining to the pickups. This would also adjust the taper of the volume control of the guitar. In other words, the Z knob is a tone knob which can easily set the way the distortion can be cleaned up in conjunction with the guitar volume. If you have had experience working with the Z knob before then you should definitely get the Mad Professor MAD-HW-SBOD, you will be more than impressed by the same!

I find that the Sky Blue Overdrive pedal works amazingly well with the maz, the one that I use is maz 38 but you can try it out with the musical instrument of your choice in order to find out what you like best. Considering its EQ, the pedal is not recommended for hard rock and metal music because it wouldn’t be able to generate the beefy’ tone required, but it does work impressively well if you are playing music genres like Indie, pop/rock or blues. The price of this one may be on the high end of the spectrum but I would definitely invest in another one if I lost this one because it is completely worthwhile.

This pedal is built really well. Made from high quality materials, this one will be able to withstand everyday wear and tear with ease. Thus, you can use it for live performances or in the safety of your room and it would live up to your expectations. As far as the durability and reliability is concerned, the pedal does not really give a scope for complaints.

So what is my final opinion on the MAD-HW-SBOD? Well, I would definitely say that this one is a keeper. Personally, I have found it to be exceptionally functional and it does its job very well. The sound quality of the device is simply outstanding and on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this pedal 11 if that is possible!

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