5 Best Flanger Pedals – A Spacey Tone! (2017)

Looking for a cool effect to give you more guitar tone options?

A good flanger effect is a great way to add some color to your tone (if not overused!). I tend to like to for times what I want to add just a little “spacy” like effects to my tone in small parts of a song that my band and I are playing. Let’s look at these best flanger pedals that we chose.

These pedals come in all different price ranges from cheap budget models all the way up to more expensive boutique type.

Best Flanger Pedal Comparison

NameDescriptionCheck It Out
1. MXR EVH117Our favorite top flanger pedal.Read Review
2. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XOGreat option for analog effects lovers.Read Review
3. Arion SFL-1 StereoIf you are on a budget and still want something great, look at this choice.Read Review
4. Boss BF-3 FlangerGot a bit more to spend? Great mid-priced option that sounds great too!Read Review
5. ADA Reissue FlangerGreat reissue of a vintage flanger from the past. Awesome tone!Read Review

best flanger pedal

If you are looking for something more specific, look at the links below:

Top Pick – MXR EVH117


Click Here To Add The MXR EVH117 To Your Pedal Board

Quick Points:

  • This is the flanger that was the result of a collaboration between Eddie Van Halen and MXR so if you are looking for that signature Van Halen tone, this is part of the equation.
  • In fact, I can even give you the settings to get Eddie’s tone –> Regen-5; Width-10; manual-10; speed-11.
  • Press a preset button and it automatically gives you the “Unchained” tone without having to mess with anything else.
  • Built tank tough just like all the other MXR brand pedals.
  • Many other guitarists have said that even after owning a number of different flangers, this seemed to be the best one they have ever tried.
  • Great for rock and metal.

or click here to see a review.

Best Analog – Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO


Click Here To Add The Deluxe Electric Mistress XO To Your Pedal Board

Quick Points:

  • Keep your guitar signal intact with true bypass design.
  • Color, range and rate controls along with a filter matrix switch that help stop the sweep in the tone.
  • EH pedals are extremely well built and uses the highest quality components.

Best Cheap $ – Arion SFL-1 Stereo


Click Here To Add The Arion SFL-1 To Your Pedal Board

Quick Points:

  • A little less durable because it is made mainly from plastic, but it is a good value for the money.
  • Has all the knobs and controls that you would see on a more expensive version.
  • Plenty of different ways to get just the right guitar sound you are going after.
  • Certainly not the best but for someone either on a budget or a beginner, it is perfect!

$$ – Boss Flanger Effects Bf-2 Pedal


Click Here To Add The Boss BF-2 To Your Pedal Board

Quick Points:

  • Excellent and versatile pedal that can produce a wide variety of different flanged tones.
  • Creates the effect by mixing the main signal with an electronically delayed signal.
  • You could probably run this over with a truck and it would still work. Solidly built!
  • Even when it is off, it is reported that it helps bring out some of the high frequencies in your tone.

$$$ – ADA Reissue Flanger


Click Here To Add The ADA Reissue Flanger To Your Pedal Board

Quick Points:

  • Based off original legendary ADA flangers from the 80’s.
  • Has the same controls as the original version giving you plenty of tonal options to play with.
  • Almost has a vintage like build and design – something you would expect to see around the 1980’s.
  • Many cherish this pedal and determine it to be one of the ultimate and best flangers out there.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do Flanger Pedals Work?

Basically, it takes your signal and splits it into to signals (copies of each other). It keeps one of these as it is but slightly modifies the second one by delaying it very slightly. The result is the flange tone that you are familiar with.

What Do Flanger Guitar Pedal Schematics Look Like?

It can be quite a complicated layout diagram but the good folks at diystompboxes.com have shared this one. click the pic to get the full version.

flanger guitar pedal schematics

Where Does The Flanger Go In The Pedal Chain?

A lot of questions about this. Should it go before or after the distortion, in the effects loop or out front? Placement and position is very important. Personally, I tend to like it before any overdrive, fuzz or distortion since I believe it makes it a bit more subtle which I like. Another good option is to add it to your effects loop and run it that way.