MXR M117R Flanger Pedal Review

MXR M117R Flanger Review

MXR M117RI wanted to create sounds from jet planes taking off to cool space effects with a short delay so I started looking at flangers. I ended up getting the MXR M117R Flanger. I have not regretted purchasing this piece of equipment. It has taken my music to higher levels.

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This flanger was a staple in the 1970s with many rock and funk bands using it. It could be used not only with the guitar but also with the keyboard and vocals as well. A flanger creates a kind of whooshing sound. Like the sound, a jet plane or spaceship makes when taking off. This sound was first created in a studio as it took two synchronized tapes to do this. One tape would have to be pressed on the edge of the reel and then later the sounds are combined. Over the passage of time pedals were manufactured. This made creating the different sounds a lot easier to create.

Back in the 1980’s I had an original MXR flanger. It was my favorite piece of equipment and I used that pedal a lot more than any other stomp. I wanted chorus and flange. I wanted the static wah pedal sound. After finding the sounds I wanted, I found all I had to do was to leave the pedal right where it was.

I found the newer version took care of what I considered being flaws. One was the drop in sound when the effect is engaged. The other was the “wooshing” sound when it was engaged and muted.

At first, I started looking for a model from the 70’s, but I found them to be too expensive. They cost more than a new model. So I decided to try the new one. I was not disappointed.

I found that it was well built. It had quality pot as well as a solid metal casing. While the DC power cable is thin, it is more convenient to use than the original AC cable was. I found I could create a sound range that was very versatile considering it was a flange. Once I figured out how to use the pedal, I found that I could quickly create anywhere from a soft classic sound to a tough jet sound. When I provided it with a distorted signal I fount that it did a great job.

Very Versatile

When I started using the flanger, I was amazed by its range of effects that this one pedal provided. I can use it as a chorus pedal, a phaser and its original use as a flanger.. I found I could also get that funky effect.

Simple To Dial In Your Tone

There are only four knobs and each one effect the modification of the tones individually. This pedal has a lot of tones to discover. I have found it to be more flexible than other pedals that I have tried. I had more control over the filter which made it easy for me to create the sound I wanted.

This is what I found after only a couple days of using it:
1. The manual knob is what controls the degrees of phase shifting
2. It chooses the frequency center of the time delay effect
3. The width knob is what controls the intensity
4. To control the speed of the time delay effect is controlled by the speed knob.
5. The overall effect is changed by the regen controls.

I found the ease of using it enjoyable. With it having only the four knobs and one foot switch it is so easy to use. It is the footswitch that toggles the flanger effect. The LED light shows when it is on. It is powered by battery or with an AC adapter.

The MXR M-117R Flanger is manufactured by Dunlop and it is also of “Guitar World” magazine top flangers. If you are looking for a flanger, I suggest you try the MXR MXR. Take my word you will not regret buying it.

Video Demo

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