Best Cheap Multi Effects Pedals Under 200

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you cannot get a great multi effects pedal. These awesome pedals bring both the convenience of having a ton of effects at your fingertips and at a great price. Take a look at our picks below – all of them under 200 bucks:

1. Boss ME25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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For quite some time I had always wanted to try out the Boss ME25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal and recently I got the chance to do so. One thing I can say about this pedal is it is packed with a ton of awesome and powerful effects that impressed me a lot. Here are its features and benefits.

The interface of the Boss ME25 has been set up in a simple and straightforward way that is easy to figure out for someone who has not used it before. This pedal allows you to save up to 120 effects that you have created in a computer.

To say the truth, I was skeptical when I first got this pedal. My expectation was not to get amazing quality effects but just some decent ones. After trying it, I have to admit that the Boss ME25 sounds fantastic, its wah is extremely effective, its distortion and overdrive channels sound amazing, and its chorus sounds great. All in all, the effects of this pedal do not sound too digital, they are full sounding, and extremely versatile. I, however, noticed that it is a little harder to get good distortions and overdrives. But by equalizing through the preamp and using the Superstack button, I was able to get unbelievable sound.

When it comes to durability, I can say that the ME25 is very durable. This is because it is made of a high-quality metal that assures you many years of usage. Also, this pedal offers convenience and reliability because you can plug it directly into a PA without the need of an amp. Therefore, I would recommend it to any guitarist.


2. VOX STOMPLAB2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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There are a few pedals out there that can leave a lasting impression on a player, and recently I got the chance to try out one. The pedal I am talking about is the Vox Stomplab2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal. Here are some of its features and benefits.

The Vox Stomplab2G boasts of an onboard tuner with 120 memory slots. Of these memory slots, 100 are presets and the remaining 20 can be used to edit and store your own tones. This pedal has a single output that you can either use with a guitar and an amp or a set of stereo headsets. Another impressive thing about this pedal is that it can use four AA batteries or a 9V adaptor for power. This means that you can play with it even in places where there is no outlet to plug your adaptor.

There is a rotary switch on this pedal that can be used to access the factory presets and the user memories. This switch also selects banks. The Vox Stomplab2G has 11 banks. 10 of these banks contain a single user preset each. The remaining bank contains 20 user presets. You can also use the two foot switches on this pedal to scroll up and down the presets in each bank and load them immediately. The presets on the factory bank are Hard Core, Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Blues, Pop, Jazz/Fusion, Ballad, and others. Also, this pedal offers ring modulation, U-Vibe and tone, acoustic simulation, octave, various wah effects, and compression options.

The Vox Stomplab2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal is packed with a ton of useful effects and produces high-quality tones. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to any guitarist.


3. Zoom G3X

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The Zoom G3X Guitar Effects Pedal combines the power of a multi-effects processor with the ease of a stomp box board. The intuitive design gives users the flexibility they need to find the exact sound they want for their productions. If you’re looking for a simple, functional addition to your guitar rig, the G3X is your best bet.

If you’re the kind who plays everything from soft tunes to heavy metal, the Zoom G3X is the ideal processor to sort out a wide range of tones and tweak them whenever necessary. The pedal gives you complete control over amp modeling and individual effects. While you may encounter the odd noise after connecting it to your computer using the USB, you could simply use it with the amp. This will nullify any noise, thanks to the zoom noise reduction (ZNR) feature.

The Zoom G3X makes editing so simple; you can easily use the stomp-box mode to make any changes you want. The global button can also be used to change the master volume and signal flow direction. The pedal’s effect can be assigned just as easily. And thanks to the auto save function, all recent changes are saved conveniently. The company also allows users to upgrade the firmware directly from their site.

The G3X is made to handle extended use without any glitches. The foot controls are robustly built for smooth switches between patches. You can therefore expect years of solid performance devoid of lag or freezing. While the pedal is solid, it also looks great thanks to the impeccable finish. But if you’re skeptical about the smooth sailing, you’ll be glad to know that the Zoom G3X also comes with a battery port.

The G3X is more about simplicity than it is about pure science. The possibilities are arguably limitless, and the sound quality is great. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another rugged, easy-to-use and functional pedal for its price.


4. DigiTech RP500 Integrated-Effects Switching System

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Nobody wants to go on stage then be faced with the hassle of having to set up complicated devices. All a guitarist needs is a simple and straightforward device. When talking about simplicity in pedals, none beats DigiTech RP500 Integrated-Effects Switching System. I recently bought and used this simple to use yet very powerful pedal and here is my review.

As I already mentioned, the RP500 is pretty simple to use. All you have to do when you arrive at a gig is take it out of the bag and plug in the power supply and your guitar and you are good to go. This pedal has 100 built-in effects that sound really great. You also have the ability to create thousands more presets using various combinations of gear.

The sound of this pedal is also amazing. It does not produce a lot of buzz or hum and creates a great sounding tone when ran through an amp. The RP500 has built-in amps and cabs, which you can use, or alternatively, you can bypass them and use an amp’s pure tone instead. Also, its effects are easy to balance and do not distort your tone.
The quality and durability of this pedal also impressed me a lot. The pedal is made of strong material that can take years of hard use. In fact, another reason I bought this pedal was to cut back on having to buy so many pedals that all end up broken.

I usually play different genres of music from Blues to Rock to Metal and I can say the DigiTech RP500 Integrated-Effects Switching System allows me to switch between styles with a lot of ease. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to any serious guitar player.


5. Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100

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The Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 is a floor pedal that is packed with a ton of powerful effects. This pedal also has impressive new features such as the ability to wirelessly receive streamed audio from any device that is Bluetooth enabled. Also, you can access some features of this pedal through the AMLIFi Remote iOS app. I had the chance to use this pedal and here are its features and benefits.

The Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 as mentioned above incorporates modern technology to offer some unique new features. For instance, you can use your paired Apple device via the AMPLIFi Remote app to control and edit all parameters of the FX100. Also, you can share your tones with the online Line 6 community through this app. This pedal also comes equipped with 100 preset sounds. These sounds are arranged in banks and the banks can be changed by pressing two footswitches at once. To select the four presets, all you have to do is press four footswitches simultaneously. Also, the treadle and the tap tempo can both work as a wah and a volume pedal.

The FX100 has six control knobs. These knobs are Drive, Treble, Reverb, FX, Bass, and Mid. These knobs can be used to tweak the basic parameters of any preset. Also, there is a large master volume knob that you can use to mix the sound of your guitar and any other streamed audio.

The AMPLIFi FX100 is packed with a ton of nicely programmed presets, effects, array amp, and cabinet models that sound really great. I would recommend this pedal for use for practice because of its ease of use.


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