Masterbuilt Amplification Stone Groove 12AX7 Boutique Tube Overdrive Pedal Review

Masterbuilt Amplification Stone Groove 12AX7 Boutique Tube Overdrive Pedal Review

Masterbuilt Amplification Stone Groove 12AX7 Boutique Tube OverdriveIf you are a guitar player, it is natural that you will invest in equipment such as signature guitars and amplifiers. While it may seem instinctive to go for the classic variations of these products, it is also advisable to diversify and have different-sounding equipment. This will not only give you a more flexible array of gear, it will also force you to study, learn, and try something new musically as well.

When I was building my small and modest collection of pedals, I naturally went for the classic sounding one first. This was followed by a “bluesy” guitar effects pedal. To me, it seemed like a strategic decision to study and learn to play blues because the amazing guitar playing will force me to study and practice more. Of course, it goes without saying that I am also a big fan of the musical genre. Hence, it was enjoyable for me to tinker with my new instrument while reliving, relishing, and revisiting the good, old age of the blues.

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I had a hard time deciding what to purchase next. I was initially drawn to get another guitar effects pedal that offers the usual, classic sound but later on decided against it. I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try fuller, louder sounds, and for that i needed an overdrive pedal. Luckily, I stumbled upon the Masterbuilt Amplification Stone Groove 12AX7 Boutique Tube Overdrive. I have never been happier about buying something new and unfamiliar to me! Frankly speaking, I do not know of anyone who has a bad thing to say about the Masterbuilt Amplification Stone Groove 12AX7 Boutique Tube Overdrive because it not only exceeded expectations but set the bar pretty high for competitors. Here is why.

The Basics of the Music: Stone Groove Specifications

The Masterbuilt Application Stone Groove 12AX7 Boutique Tube Overdrive is of excellent build and one of the best-selling products has the best tone for distortion and overdrive pedals. It is able to produce warm tones with more highs as well as heavier, tighter and clearer high gain. This is because it is loaded with the highest grade Nichicon Muse Audio Capacitors. It has glass-coated military spec wirewound resistors and a transistor built by one of the leading mobile phone producers in the world. It also gives the user incredible control with Carling Switches and Switchcraft jacks. These heavy-duty components are a guarantee that you will not be spending much for maintenance and repairs after your purchase. Like most current pedals, it also has a true bypass footswitch and point-to-point wiring for more controlled transitions. It has stainless steel knob guards with rubber feet to avoid premature wear-and-tear.

The design is quite simple but the goodness of the quality is evident just by looking at the sturdy look of the pedal. It is powered by a 18-volt 1-ampere power adapter and is compatible with most Voodoo and Dunlop power boxes. To complete the design, it has bright blue and red LED indicators to remind you of the setting your gear is set on.

Rating on Performance: A+

Using the Stone Groove pedal has been a great experience for me. It has a killer tone with massive boost and a furious, emphatic tube distortion that is perfect for solo parts or instrumental climaxes during gigs. The unit’s volume and gain knobs has made it easier for me to control what and how I play. In addition, the LED indicators are effective in showing me when to switch the effects on or off and gives me a warning when my device needs a little recharging. The pedal also comes with a year-long warranty which is kind of reassuring considering how flimsy some pedals seem to be. Fortunately, I am way past the expiration of the warranty and my Masterbuilt has shown no sign of damage whatsoever despite my almost constant use.

The Masterbuilt Amplification Stone Groove 12AX& Boutique Tube Overdrive is certainly a par of its own. If you are thinking of buying an overdrive pedal, be sure to check out this guy.

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