XTS Imperial Overdrive Lower Gain Nashville Overdrive Pedal Review

XTS Imperial Overdrive Lower gain Nashville overdrive pedal

XTS_Imperial_OverdriveThere is something truly imperial about the XTS Imperial Overdrive Lower gain Nashville overdrive pedal. This neat looking guitar pedal has been crafted by XTS after taking into account the inputs from its clients in Nashville. The wait is finally over and the Imperial Overdrive pedal is definitely a new-and-improved custom pedal to watch out for! The overdrive sound of the pedal, which is a favorite among Nashville clients, has been extended in terms of usefulness and flexibility. The controls of the pedal have been improved upon and as a result, it is a whole lot easier to reach the vast range of sweet spots that the pedal is capable of dialing in.

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I was looking for my Holy Grail pedal which would produce bold dirty rhythm sounds because there is something so appealing about adding just a dash of dirt to a clean tone! I found it in the XTS Imperial Overdrive Lower gain Nashville overdrive pedal because this is truly a marvelous overdrive pedal that is capable of performing wonders! I found this gem of a pedal online when I was casually browsing through an array of guitar pedals from different manufacturers. This one definitely stood out from the crowd and instantly screamed ‘Buy Me’ because my first impression of it was very good. It sends the thumping crunchy amp over the edge and offers transparent overdriven sounds, which is exactly what I was looking for.

As far as the features are concerned, the Imperial Overdrive pedal is fairly simple. It comes with three primary knobs, all of which are situated at the top of the pedal. These are namely Volume, Gain and Color. The Volume switch can be used to adjust the volume of the musical instrument connected, i.e. the guitar. It acts as a second control for volume, one which can be worked by the foot instead of the hand. The Gain knob is meant for dialing in a little grit to the tone. Be it the low-mid presence with a crunch or the classic open-back combos, this knob allows you to attain perfection with each turn! The Color knob, which is situated below the Volume and Gain knobs, is to be utilized for adjusting the EQ in order to gain a big variation. Surprisingly, the Color knob does its job well without appearing excruciatingly bright or excessively dark.

The Dyn switch located in between the knobs is a very useful inclusion. When switched up, you will be able to get the classic Nashville overdrive sound whereas a more articulate and faster voice will be generated when it is switched down. I was also very impressed with the bass response of the guitar pedal when I first tried it out. The full bass response coupled with the high end character in a clear tone sans the harshness was an instant hit with me and one of the major reasons that influenced my decision to purchase the pedal.

Don’t you just hate it when an overdrive pedal causes the notes to sputter when the volume of the guitar is turned down? Yes, me too. With the XTS Imperial Overdrive there is no need to worry because this wouldn’t be the case. When I was first trying out the XTS Imperial Overdrive Lower gain Nashville overdrive pedal, I noted that it has a very nice way of perfectly balancing the note attack. So even if you were to hit your guitar really hard you wouldn’t be able to generate a harsh sound. In the same manner, if you were to do a clean and uncompressed electric guitar note then the pedal would balance it out perfectly, thereby keeping the ‘boink’ sound (which is usually produced in such cases) at bay.

One thing that I really admire about this pedal is that it allows one to play all the complex chords together and even blend them well together without necessarily overshadowing the uniqueness of each of those chords. All in all this is a really good quality overdrive pedal and you should definitely go for it!

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