Top Choices For The Best Real Analog Spring Reverb Pedals

There are some pretty interesting fuzz pedals out there. Some of these you don’t see too often so if you are looking for a unique option, these may be for you. These are also built to sound amazing!

1. Barnacle Fuzz

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Recently, I had a gig and got the opportunity to use the Barnacle Fuzz Pedal. One thing I can say about this pedal is that it is a very well rounded fuzz box, it is built for simplicity, and has an awesome tone. Here are other benefits and features of this fuzz pedal.

The Barnacle Fuzz features a simple and professional looking design. This pedal has four controls and can run off a DC 9V power supply or battery. Its controls are treble, bass, fuzz, and volume. I was really impressed by the fact that you do not need to make excessive tweaks on the controls for you to achieve a perfect sound. I was also able to switch the pedal from true bypass mode to a buffered output mode. If you have long signal chains and you do not want the signal to degrade, then the buffer mode of the Barnacle pedal will be of great use to you.

I also liked this pedal’s distinctive sound, something that I am sure you will also like a lot. The equalizer presents you with plenty of tonal options that you can use without losing the pedal’s distinct tone and texture. If you love high gain, then this pedal has plenty of fuzz that you can utilize and that will not compromise the clarity of your tone, however high or low the fuzz level is. The equalizer is also well designed, which means that it is perfectly balanced and noninvasive.

The Barnacle Fuzz pedal has an overall impression of a powerful yet very simple pedal. I enjoyed playing with this pedal and I would advise you to use it too.


2. Dr. No Effects Kafuzz

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Recently, I tried out Dr. No Effects Kafuzz pedal, and I can say, this is not a typical day to day fuzz. This fuzz box is made in Europe and has silicon transistors and a high-end circuit board to yield a brighter sound and higher gain. Though it might not be top-of-the-range, this pedal is classic in both its attributes and deliverance. Here are some of its features and benefits.

The Dr. No Effects fuzz pedal is a very easy to use pedal. This pedal has only three knobs. These knobs are the Fuzz knob, the Tone knob that controls high and low end, and a volume knob that gives you the ability to adjust the volume of the output without increasing noise, something that is typical with distortion and fuzz pedals. With this pedal, even the lowest level gives you a strong fuzz right away. This pedal produces a throaty growl as the grind increases when you turn up the fuzz pot, you might even think that a bass booster has been added. This sound makes the guitar feel like it is full and in command.

I tried cranking up the amp and adjusting the tone all the way toward bass, the resulting effect was a heavy sound that I could feel pounding against my chest. The fuzz box cleaned up and cut through my tone when I turned up the treble. This, however, did not affect the warmth of the tone, something I found really impressive.

This pedal is rich in versatile sounds. Therefore, if you are looking for a fuzz box, Dr. No Effects Kafuzz is what you should go for.


3. ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud Fuzz Pedal

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Over the years, I have had the chance to test and review a number of fuzz pedals. For this reason, it has become quite tough to impress me these days. The reason being there is only so much that can be done on the circuit to make it offer something new and exciting. I recently tried and tested the ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud Fuzz Pedal, and here is my review.

The Fallout Cloud might be similar to other established classic fuzz pedals, but it has some very useful features that set it a step apart from the other pedals. This pedal has easy to use, but very powerful controls. The Fallout Cloud has only four control knobs. It is built in a laser-etched stainless steel enclosure that does not only provide rigidity and strength but also improves the pedal’s aesthetics. Also, the pedal has side guards that are designed to protect your current control knob settings from being accidentally re-aligned either on stage as you are playing or in your gig bag. The control on this fuzz box are sustain, treble, bass, and volume.

Unlike other fuzz and distortion pedals that usually produce a muddy tone, the Fallout Cloud does not. This has been made possible by granting greater control over equalizer. What this means is that you get to control how much treble detail and grinding edge you want to add to your tone. Also, its components are of audiophile grade, which simply means that they add some clarity and harmonic detail to your tone, especially when playing in settings that are extreme.

The little differences that set apart the ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud Fuzz Pedal from other classic fuzz pedals are what impressed me the most. Therefore, I would highly recommend it.


4. IdiotBox Lazer Fuzz Effect Pedal

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As a guitarist and someone who has had the chance to play using different fuzz pedals, there is only so much that you can say about this equipment. It takes exceptional performance by a pedal for you to acknowledge it and want to use it again and again. At the last gig I performed, I used the IdiotBox Lazer Fuzz Effect Pedal, and here is what I can say about this fuzz.

The IdiotBox is a unique fuzz. Among the things that impressed me a lot about this pedal is the note decay that is really sputtery and almost reverbish, and its very interesting sounds. This pedal has one 3-position switch and a knob located on its top side and an internal trimmer that is used to control volume. The volume changes a bit depending on the position of the knob and switch. This pedal can be used to help control volume in an LS-2 when you run it in loop A.

The switch is used to change the character of the frequency and tracking of the frequency divider and the knob to control the filter’s frequency. The settings of the switch in the upper position are not so good in retaining loss, but this can be remedied by looping it with an LS-2. But when set in the bottom and middle positions, they retain the loss pretty well. This pedal can be tamed and made to sound like an octave up fuzz by rolling off the tone on the instrument.

Though I would not have it as my main and only fuzz pedal, the IdiotBox Lazer Fuzz Effect Pedal performs well and I would recommend it to you.


Sure, there are a lot of different reverb pedals out there but if you want the real deal, these are the choices I would make. These options give you that real spring analog sound simply because that’s what they are – real springs!

1. Carl Martin HeadRoom Real Spring Reverb

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The Carl Martin HeadRoom Real Spring Reverb amp’s true to life sound and simple to operate features makes it easily one of my favorite reverb pedals on the market today. It has everything I’m looking for in a quality, functional reverb pedal where the sound is as good as it gets and the features give you ample control. While there are lots of features that come with this amp, there are some that I particularly like. A few of the features I like best:

1. Identical control channels and control foot pedal

This reverb comes complete with two channels that allow users to control the tone and depth of the reverb. Each channel comes with tone and levels control allowing me to opt for contrasting sounds on each channel. So, for example, I can opt for a softer sound more suited to small room reverb on channel A, while going for a darker, larger room reverb on channel B.

Each reverb channel works along with the two-foot control which allows me to easily switch between the two channels. In many ways, this is like having two reverbs in one amazing amp. With the control pedal, you can opt to bypass both reverbs if you want. With so much flexibility and control, I am in total control of the sound I want to, and can create.

2. Double mounted springs and remote jacks

If on stage feedback annoys you as much as it annoys me, then you will also love this feature as much as I do. The double mounted springs on the Carl Martin HeadRoom real spring reverb amp helps to significantly reduce on stage feedback, which inadvertently allows me to perform a smoother set with a cleaner sound. Believe me when I say your audience will thank you.

The amp’s remote jack allows me to place my reverb settings either in my rack or in the back of the amp. This results in me taking my reverb settings and sound with me without crowding my pedal board.


2. VanAmps Sole-Mate Soulmate Real Spring Reverb Pedal

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to try out different types of guitar pedals. Some have impressed me, while others have not. Among those that I really enjoyed playing with is the VanAmps Sole-Mate Soulmate Real Spring Reverb Pedal. This pedal can be defined as an impressive, single purpose reverb pedal. From its performance, it is clear that meticulous work went into designing and producing this pedal. Here are some features and benefits of this reverb pedal.

The VanAmps Sole-Mate is an analog spring reverb pedal. This type of reverb replaced the large plate reverb units that were popular during the time of the surf music phenomenon. The spring reverb is a first choice for many as it produces iconic sound, something that even many digital reverb pedals have replicated over the years.

I know you are now asking what this pedal can do. Well, here is the answer. The Soul-Mate uses actual metal springs to produce its reverb sound. As a result, the reverb sound it produces is exceptionally high in quality. This reverb pedals controls are simple and straightforward, therefore, very easy to use. This pedal has only two knobs. These knobs are DWELL and OUTPUT LEVEL. The DWELL knob changes the length of the reverb, and the OUTPUT LEVEL knob affects the amount of reverb to be added to your dry sound. If you want to get that really traditional surf sound, all you have to do is turn both knobs to the maximum. Turning both knobs to the other end of the scale gives you a subtle and sweet tone. I was impressed by the fact that this pedal is versatile and can be used with any guitar amplifier unlike VanAmps’ Reverbamate, which had only two outputs, something that was a limitation to someone who had amps with single inputs.

Therefore, if you like a versatile spring reverb pedal, the VanAmps Sole-Mate Soulmate Real Spring Reverb Pedal is what you should get.


5. IdiotBox Ron Swanson Superfuzz Fuzz Effect Pedal

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The IdiotBox Ron Swanson Superfuzz Fuzz Effect Pedal is a great pedal if you love a good sounding octave fuzz. It’s also a great effect if you are a fan of the show “Parks and Rec”, but that’s not nearly as important as the tonal options it gives you. The Ron Swanson Superfuzz gives players a ton of tonal options at a low price.

The IdiotBox Ron Swanson Superfuzz Fuzz Effect Pedal is a remake of a very famous octave fuzz, the Univox Super Fuzz. The design is almost exactly the same. Just like the Univox, it has two geranium diodes. This allows square wave clipping and really beefs up the mids in the fuzz tone.

There are two knobs on the unit and one toggle switch. Each is used to adjust a different parameter. The two knobs are titled “Balance” and “Expander”. Balance controls the volume of the wet signal. The Expander knob is tasked with determining the amount of fuzz in the signal. Each pot is very effective and has a huge dynamic range. It can also help your guitar get the fuzz sound you want and still cut through any mix without being too tinny.

The toggle switch determines the tone. This pedal is so cool that it started out as just a one-off experiment for the creator’s friend. He found that it was so effective that he should release it to the general public. The unit uses true bypass technology. It is powered by any standard 9V power adapter.


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