If you are looking for information about Danelectro guitar pedals, maybe this will hep you. Danelectro is a manufacturer from the United States that makes musical instruments. They specialize in effects units, guitars, amplifiers, and bass guitars.

The company was founded in 1847 by Nathan Daniel. In the late 1940s they made amplifiers for a variety of different companies such as Roebuck and Sears. in 1954 they began making amplifiers and solidbody electric guitars. They later on made hollow bodied guitars that were made out of plywood and Masonite. Doing this sped up production and helped save them money.

In 1966 the company was sold to MCA. One year after that the Coral line was introduced. The Coral line was known for its electric sitars and hollow bodies. Then in 1969 the plant closed. In 2001 Danelectro stopped selling guitars after not doing well in selling themĀ  and decided to concentrate on selling effects pedals.

They have a number of pedals that will add to any guitar. One of the ones that they made is called FAB chorus guitar effects. This pedal will add to any guitar leads. The full controls include speed, effect, mix, and depth. The design on it is tough and small small with a rubber base. The pedal runs on a 9v DC adapter or 9v battery.

So as you can see, this company has been around for a long time and has a variety of products in the field of guitars that they have experience making.