DigiTech is a name known worldwide for its quality and performance. Used by such artists as Dave Ellefson, Glen Drover, and Herman Li; DigiTech guitar pedals are surely built for the stage. The product line features pedals for both bass and guitar.

Perhaps the most famous DigiTech Pedal is the Whammy. This pedal has been used by legendary guitarists, such as Dimebag Darrell and Joe Satriani. The Whammy acts like a guitars whammy bar; allowing users to bend notes up or down in pitch. Some Whammy models even have a de-tune feature. This allows guitarists to simulate lower tunings with no need to change guitars. DigiTech’s multiple effects pedals even feature the Whammy effect!

DigiTech’s product line has an incredible amount of variety. There are distortion pedals, such as Death Metal, Boneshaker, and Gunslinger. There are overdrive pedals, such as, Screamin’ Blues, and Bad Monkey. Guitarists can by a pedals ranging from reverb to compression. Multiple effects or single effects are available in one pedal.

DigiTech doesn’t just rely on its established pedals for its reputation. There are some new pedals in the product line that are showing why the brand is renowned for its technology. The iStomp is a pedal that looks and works like an average stomp-box; however, a completely different beast is inside. Guitarists can re-configure the pedal by loading any of 47 e-pedals available through an app called Stomp Shop.

Another exciting pedal is The Trio. This pedal lets guitarists press a switch, allowing the pedal to learn what is being played. After pushing the switch again, the pedal generates bass and drums to accompany the guitarist. The Trio gives the option to choose genres, with up to twelve song styles; even time signatures.

DigiTech has become synonymous with great sound. You can hear these amazing pedals on countless recordings. One of the most impressive aspects of the company is its ability to consistently be a front-runner in guitar and bass technology.

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