Donnerdeal is an international online retail company that offers a vast array of well-made and high performance musical accessories and instruments. In addition to Donner guitar pedals, the company also sell tuners, amplifiers, basses and guitars. Donner does not manufacture its own products, but rather team up directly with manufacturers of high quality products. Since there are no middlemen involved therefore the company passes on the benefits of great savings directly to their clients. Donnerdeal has their own home brand, Donner, whose products they sell on the website in addition to the products of other popular companies.

Donner guitar pedals are very high quality guitar pedals meant for passionate guitar players. There are different varieties of Donner guitar pedals of course. If you prefer to have something small and compact but still capable of producing great quality sounds then the Fall Vintage model would be best suited for you. These come in bright colors such as yellow, green, blue, red, etc. Although these are small and lightweight, don’t be fooled by their size because they are capable of producing an exquisite guitar effect.

For guitarists who want something solid and does not mind compromising with size then the Alchemy model would make a good buy. This one is a handy guitar pedal which comes with eight different modulation effects, all packed into a single guitar pedal body! This one boasts of stereo outputs and inputs and is very cost effective. Whatever your needs, be it Chorus, U-vibe, Rotary, Pan, Tremolo, Vibrato, Flanger or Phaser effects, you can surely get them fulfilled with this model.

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