The Shenzhen Mooer Audio Company, Limited, may be a young company but they are smart, original and making a big splash as a technologically innovative research driven team.  Founded in 2012 and dedicated to providing equipment for musicians of all different skill levels, Mooer has already earned a great reputation for innovation and being consumer-friendly. Some of their finest products are their series of Moore guitar pedals.

Mooer’s pedals are incredibly powerful, yet compact enough to easily find a place on even the most crowded pedal boards.  Their most popular innovation is their Micro Pedal stomp series. These compact pedals produce a wide array of audio effects while selling at affordable prices.  They fit neatly into Mooer’s available flight micro case, making them very portable and easy to use with a small stage footprint.  The Micro Pedal series is a state-of-the-art selection of 51 pedals available to increase your growing pedal board equipment.  A sample examination of some of the micros includes:

• Echolizer: This pedal is used to create a digital delay. It
is made to imitate the sound of an analog delay. It has three
knobs:  Echo, Feedback, and Time.
• ShimVerb:  This pedal is used to create digital reverb. It
has three modes: Room, Spring and Shimmer.   This unit also
features Color, Level and Decay knobs. This pedal does Surf
Rock extremely well.
• LoFi Machine: This pedal produces the bit crusher effect.
• Fog: This pedal produces bass fuzz. Use the Squeeze, Volume,
Fuzz and Tone knobs to modify the fuzz.

Whether you play guitar as a hobby or have been a professional for many years, you will not find better costs, pedal sizes, or product features and ratios among these three factors on the guitar product market. Mooer guitar pedals will make your music sound great. Mooer guitar pedals will make your music sound great.

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