Pro guitarists depend on TC Electronics guitar pedals for truly awesome effects that are well equipped for both stage and studio. From spellbinding modulations and delays to studio-grade reverbs, TC Electronics guitar pedals are well-known by guitarists for serving up stunning of tonal textures. They’re also popular for electronic musicians, keyboardists, and even sound designers, thanks to their wide sonic palette and high-quality components.

TC Electronic’s TonePrint technology changed the way guitarists interact with their effects pedals. TonePrint enabled effects pedals give you ultimate control over every aspect of the pedal’s tone, and also lets you tap into custom-designed artist presets by groundbreaking guitarists like John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, Nathan East and many more. And using the TonePrint editor app with your tablet or smartphone, you can dig into every detail of your TonePrint enabled effects pedal and tweak every parameter until your custom tone is perfect.

One of the coolest things about TC Electronic’s TonePrint effects is that you can access virtually all of TC Electronic’s vintage effects including the classic 2290 delay, SCF chorus, and many other iconic TC effects. Whether you want to nail an artist’s particular guitar tone or craft your own unique sound, TC’s TonePrint enabled effects pedals have you covered.

The versatility of TC Electronic effects pedals makes them appeal to a broad range of guitarists, from blues players looking for expressive overdrive to progressive rockers seeking monster distortion and epic modulations, delays and reverbs. Their experience making world-class studio effects shows in TC Electronics guitar pedals.

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