TC-Helicon guitar pedals are known for world-class sound quality and exceptional sonic range. A wide range of effects from delays and reverbs to phasers, chorus, flangers, and more can be found in their gig-worthy pedals.

Singer/songwriters have unprecedented harmonies and vocal effects in TC-Helicon‘s VoiceLive series of pedals. Perfect for turning a solo vocal line into an expressive four-part harmony, VoiceLive vocal and guitar effects are an amazing way to create a larger-than-life stage sound. The VoiceLive 3 Extreme combines vocal effects, guitar effects, multitrack looping, effects automation and even backing tracks for the ultimate stage experience.

TC-Helicon’s Play series of multi-effect processors combine the best of TC’s vocal, harmony, and guitar effects into a single rugged pedal that’s perfect for solo performers. The Play Acoustic gives you the tools you need to fine-tune your acoustic-electric guitar’s tone, while polishing your vocals with studio-grade effects and harmonies. The Play Electric is a complete solution for electric guitar tone, vocal effects and harmonies, with a huge range of guitar amp emulations to give you killer tone direct to the PA system.

Another player-favorite TC-Helicon guitar pedal is the Ditto Looper, which quickly became popular thanks to its ultra-compact form factor. This high-quality looper pedal brings all the creative potential of a looper to any pedalboard, with easy-to-use operation.

From basic effects like chorus and delay to all-in-one guitar, vocal and harmony effects pedals, TC-Helicon guitar pedals have earned a reputation for sounding great while maintaining a high level of quality that professional musicians can count on.

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