My Dream Pedal Board

The Ambisonic Logo. Basically a 3D-level sound system

The Unofficial February 2017 Dream Pedal Board!

The Ambisonic Logo. Basically a 3D-level sound systemAmbisonic Delay

  • Includes a 2D/3D expression pedal to create panning effects on the fly.
  • Multiple Echo patterns. Different filters for EQ, Reverb, etc.
  • Multiple input/output jacks. For example, front overhead, main overhead, left, right, back, left side, right side. Learn more about ambisonics at Wikipedia. Ambisonics is like Surround Sound.
  • A surround sound delay pedal (and reverb pedal) would be awesome.  Even just listening to delay and reverb in stereo with a couple good speakers really creates an amazing mood.

Old-school Tape Delay

  • I love the TC Electronics mini-delay and the Nova Delay pedals.
  • But, I always dreamed of an old-school, tape delay.

Ambisonic Reverb

  • Much like the ambisonic delay, perhaps they would be integrated.

Universal Pedal Control

  • A little “remote” control that you could put on your guitar so you could cue up lots of awesome effects on the fly
  • Similar to having the clutch and gas pedals to the steering wheel like in a Lamborghini

Rotating Pedal Decks

  • Many pedals would be a lot thinner and would be stacked on a rotating carousel.
  • For example, instead of having to replace pedals, you could have multiple overdrive pedals in one deck. Then, you’d just spin through the carousel to the box you wanted

Universal Power Adapter

  • The adapter would sense the voltage/amp requirements of the pedal and adjust on the fly.
  • The adapter would provide clean, high-quality, filtered current

Pure Gold Cables

  • Yup.

Optional Flying Carpet

  • The carpet would very safely fly you around, even while you played guitar.
  • The pedalboard could “link up” with the carpet
  • Very comfortable to sleep on.

Optional All-Wood Casings

  • Pedals and the pedalboard would be available in durable, non-flammable wood cases.
  • Wood looks beautiful.
  • Check out these beautiful wooden guitar pedals.

In Conclusion

Maybe the dreamboard will exist one day in the future.  The ambisonic style delay would be awesome.  Also, I’d love to see more wood-cased stompboxes.

Disclaimer: I love my current pedalboard. Of course, I’d like to add a couple more items and make some tweaks.

Check out some pedalboards available in the year 2017.






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