Choosing The Best Distortion Pedal For Metal

My Choice For Best Metal Distortion

Get ready for some face melting shred because when it comes to metal, you need loud full amps, mid scooped tones and as much gain as your gear can muster. Luckily, there are a number of different metal distortion pedal options out there to help you do just that. As any gear addict would know, pedals are a huge part of your tone recipe next to your amp and instruments.

Since this article is about my opinion on the best stomp box in this category, I am not going to waste any time and get right into it. My choice after reviewing a number of different pedals for metal? Whether you are playing live on stage or recording in your bedroom, this choice should serve you well.

MXR M116 FullboreĀ® Metal Distortion

Why? Well, there are many reasons why I love this true bypass all analog crunch monster. Take a look at these features:

  • Price – It’s less than 100 bucks if you order it online through Amazon. Good value for your money!
  • It gives you plenty of setting options for your electric guitar tone with knobs for volume, frequency, gain, low, mid, and high settings.
  • Built in noise gate with internal threshold control. Basically this helps to bring out more clarity in your notes.
  • It is well built and extremely rugged.
  • Can cover a wide variety of different types of metal like classic, death, thrash, black, etc.
  • Scoop button that gives an option of an alternate sound voicing by boosting highs and lows while still keeping the eq settings.
  • Can be powered by either a 9-volt battery or a typical AC adaptor.

Click here to check it out and read reviews of this popular pedal!

Recommended Settings For This Pedal

For a single coil rhythm guitar:


For a humbucker equipped rhythm guitar:


For a humbucker rhythm guitar with a half stack amp:


For lead guitar with humbucker and half stack:


You could also use the above lead setting for a single coil guitar but I would recommend disengaging the scoop switch in this case. Excellent tone for metal solos.

The following video does a great job at going through a number of other settings in order to give you quite a variety of tones. You will see how you can change the tone so easily with just small adjustments making this a very versatile.

I’d be curious to know if any readers have experience with this product – feel free to send us a comment and let us know! Keep playing that guitar cranked!

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