Xotic is a company that specializes in selling a wide variety of guitar pedals that provide a multitude of effects. Part of what makes this company unique is the wah pedals that they sell and the incredible ability to drastically change the color of the sound. These pedals are used most often by blues and classic rock bands.

Xotic guitar pedals bring out an red blooded American sound that works well with guitars such as Univox and overdrive amps such as Carea. The pedals sold by this business are simply, yet effective.

Pedals such as the X-Blender only have three knobs that control the type of sound you hear: wet-dry, bass, and treble. Unlike other pedals, this pedal is focused on only implementing one major effect, making it ideal for a blues artist’s pedal board.

Many artists support Xotic and realize that they have a very unique approach to the industry. It is a company that has been around for a long time and has fine tuned what it does best.

One thing that is excellent about Xotic is that they craft guitars and basses. This allows them to know more about how these instruments work and create pedals that will work well with them. Many classic rock tribute bands purchase both guitars and pedals from Xotic because they know they will give them the specific sound that the specialists and Xotic tell them it will. When playing a tribute band, it is important to have a very specific sound.

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