MXR M102 Dyna Comp® Compressor Pedal Review

MXR DynaComp Compressor Pedal

MXR DynaComp Compressor PedalAlthough I have entertained the idea of buying a compressor for a long while, I have never actually bought one until recently. This is because I felt content using a clean lead booster for as long as I can remember. However, I received overwhelming reviews by friends who swear by the MXR M102 Dyna Comp® Compressor that I finally decided to give it a try. After barely a month of using the M102 Dyna, it has earned its rightful place among my favorite in a somewhat sizeable collection of pedals and loopers.


The MXR Dyna Comp has a history of being one of the best compressor pedals for guitarists all over the world. Compressor pedals are used to even it or flatten the dynamic volume range of a guitar before it reaches the amp to equalize the loud and soft notes. By doing so, you ca get consistent sounds that make for tight and clean notes and you get smooth lead notes with added sustainability and volume. It basically works as a boost pedal but attenuates and refines the sound without damaging the guitar’s tone.

Even during my first time plugging this in, I found the sound quality to be crisp, clean, and just excellent! This is true during use and even when I bypass it. As most of my friends have noted before me, the M102 Dyna kind of imparts its own distinct tone although I found this a non-issue and even an additional character to the tone I can have by fiddling with this instrument.

It has a simple, dual know operation, produces clean but chunky tones. The output knob controls the volume output while the sensitivity knob controls the ratio of the highest sensitivity to maximum compression – something you have to learn if you want to play guitar seriously. It can e powered by either battery or an AC adapter ad weighs only 0.84 lbs.

While I have no prior experience with compressors, this being my first purchase, I still feel very satisfied with this purchase. The unit feels and looks durable and well-built, not flimsy-looking at all! The distinct squashy tone actually pairs well when played in the subtle mode with a chorus pedal. The LED was visible without being overbright and overbearing, the availability of both standby battery power and plug-in power makes it ideal for gigs outside or traveling, and the tone sounds great, given the right fine-tuning. It is not to complex to work with and as I’ve heard, gives the performance expected of units a few notches above its price point. It has half the dials and controls as other direct competitors but actually works very well with very little tweaking and has twice the range as similar products from different brands.

There are two dials and an on/off foot switch. It is very easy to use that I do not think anyone would need to read the manual that comes with the package. To start, the output level is set as well as the sensitivity. You have to work with a few combinations to make it right in the beginning.

I found that is well suited for the blues and gives a great Nashville spin the tune with the earlier-mentioned squashy sound. The compact design is functional and uncomplicated, and the output is clean and sustained. It is very responsive to tuning and I have not encountered difficulty in my month or so of playing it. I would say that it is perfect for amateur recording, recording in a home studio, mixing and jamming sessions, live performances indoors and outdoors, and even – to an extent – professional recording, if combined with other compressor pedals.

I fully recommend the MXR M102 Dyna Comp® Compressor pedal if you are looking for articulate and clean leads in a very consistent tone. Although it is admittedly not as versatile as other boards, for its price-point, it definitely exceeds expectations and you will have no trouble producing a few sounds with it.

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