Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Pedal Review

Donner_Yellow_Fall_Vintage_Pure_Analog_Delay_001As an avid musician and guitar player, I have dabbled in a number of guitar pedals in my hope of experimenting with different sounds. Some pedals are sound and genre-specific. Some pedals are specifically attuned for the blues, rock, or jazz. Others are more versatile, able to cater to a variety of musical requirements.

One such guitar pedal is the Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay.


Build and Features

Its build is pretty solid. It has an aluminum build that looks like it has been transported from the 1590s. The knobs are polished and smooth while the footswitch is springy, providing maximum ease of use. The color is bright but classy, with an almost-gold hue for the body It is also lightweight, weighing only 300g with the box and an astounding mere 20g without. It is convenient and travel-friendly with its mini-sized body measuring only a 95 mm diameter, 44 mm width and 48 mm width. It is also reliable and well-built. The durability is proven by how well it responds to multiple hours of use everyday. It has a genuine analogy delay and two outputs to accommodate both dry and effected signals.

As is standard in most pedals these days, it also has a true bypass switch. The bypass switch allows for an easy and quick switching between sounds with little to no feedback during switching. This way, I am able to play seamlessly, It has a 9-volt DC adapter for power supply, an output impedance of 490 ohms, working current of 42 mA and an input impedance of 1 M Ohms, The package includes a user manual for new players.

Ease of Use

The clear sound of this pedal can be applied to a variety of kinds of music for analogy delay. It offers a 25ms to 600 ms delay time which is just sufficient to meet the normal needs of a variety of musical types. The pedal responds well, and quickly. The “clicky” response of the pedal makes it easy to determine whether the effect is activated or not.

The three control knobs for Echo, Flashback and Time are sufficient to control the sound and match it with my requirements. The Time knob which controls the time or length of delay time, Echo, which sets the volume, and Flashback to set the repeated notes are easy enough to maneuver. I am able to personalize the sound I want within minutes. Of course the actual mix requires some sort of mastery and actual musical knowledge but for those who know their stuff, mixing and turning the knobs for that perfect effect can be quite the experience.

The Verdict

The tone of Donner Yellow Fall sounds warm and clean, with little to no extra noise, The delay effect is absolutely flawless and gives the impression that some famous band is playing instead of a sometime-musician like me. One of the best things about this delay pedal, also, is the fact that is very affordably-priced. It is no longer necessary to spend a fortune to expand your available guitar pedals. My collection definitely has some choice selections including the Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal.

Whether you are a casual player, a hobbyist or a pro performer, it is natural to want to give your best every single time you play, whether it be in a backdoor garage or a gig. I share this same sentiment with many people which is why I am satisfied I gave the Donner Yellow Fall a try. A delay pedal that comes at an affordable price with all the necessary features working beyond my expectations is what I asked for and certainly got when I bought the Donner Yellow Fall. It is a nice piece of equipment that I added to my collection and which can be used simultaneously with my other gears for the perfect sound.

Video Demo

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