Rogue Analog Delay Pedal Review

Rogue Analog Delay Review

Rogue Analog DelayIf you want a pedal that can do it all, from producing long repeating echoes to short slap-backs, then the Rogue analog delay guitar effects pedal is the ideal pick for you. This pedal is the right addition to any guitarist’s arsenal because it provides that extra sound enhancement, warmth and effects. As a beginner, you may find that it is a little tricky to apply the right amount of effects through the knobs but once you get hold of the same and find the ‘sweet spot’ you will find the pedal to be extremely satisfying and worthwhile. However, the pedal is not just meant for use by beginners, it can be used by guitarists at all levels!

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What impressed me the most about the product is its versatility. The pedal is not just meant for use with electric guitars but it can also be employed on electronic keyboards. Thus, I do not need to spend extra money for the purpose of getting another pedal for my keyboard. Personally, I am in love with the pedal because it offers all the desired guitar pedal effects for the music genre that I play: hard-rock, borderline metal and rock. Among all the accessories that I have come across, this is by far one of the easiest ways of adding effects to the music, and believe me, I have certainly tried out a lot of guitar pedals in the past! I can easily say that this is the pedal that can destroy the competition and put other pedals in its league to shame.

Trusted and Reputable Brand

Rogue is one of the most recognized and reputable brand in the music industry. This analog delay guitar pedal effects is no doubt a quality product from the trusted brand. It is built to perfection with its aluminum body and quality plastic knobs. In fact, it just takes a glance to notice that this pedal is unbeatable value because it looks and feels very high quality. In terms of price, this delay pedal is extremely reasonable. In fact, it was the price that caught my attention and appealed to me. At the time, this was an experimental purchase and I didn’t give much thought to it; little did I know that I would end up keeping it in the long run!

All The Delay Features You Need

The simplicity of the Rogue analog delay guitar effects pedal is quite praiseworthy, and it makes it very easy for individuals to operate it. The delay pedal has three intuitive knobs right at the top: Time, Repeat and Level. The time knob is meant for adjusting the time between the delays whereas the repeat knob can be used for determining the number of delays. The level knob at the bottom is meant for controlling the volume of the delays. All the three knobs are very easy to turn, so there is no fiddling whatsoever. In fact these can be manipulated with the foot too (if required)!

Impressive Quality

As far as the sound quality of the analog delay guitar effects pedal is concerned, I am thoroughly impressed. It is just what you’d expect from an analog delay pedal: warm, imperfect and smooth delay tone. The pedal definitely adds character to the sound and it fits almost all styles of music. The true bypass switch present does a great job at engaging and disengaging the effect. The LED indicator not only denotes whether the effect is engaged or not but it also indicates low battery by getting dim. The metal case of the pedal also houses a 9volt battery but if you prefer to use the power outlet directly for running it then the same can also be done.

I would like to conclude that the Rogue analog delay guitar effects pedal is a steal given its performance and extremely economic price tag. I would recommend this pedal to everywhere who needs a quality delay pedal but does not want to pay a small fortune for the same. Overall, I am quite pleased with the item, which is definitely built to impress.

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