Outlaw Effects Widow Maker Metal Distortion Pedal Review

Outlaw Effects WIDOW-MAKER Metal Distortion Pedal

Outlaw Effects WIDOW-MAKER Metal Distortion Pedal At the first glance the Widow Maker may seem like a small and compact guitar pedal but don’t underestimate it because of its size as this pedal is not for the faint-hearted! This is an intense guitar pedal that is capable of producing grueling, hard-hitting and almost sinister tones! It has been described by users as a ‘high-gain beast’ that boasts of saturated distortion, tight attack and the perfect tones. Thus, the Outlaw Effects Widow-Maker Metal Distortion Pedal is in every way a winner when it comes to creating blistering highs with very sharp tones, darker amps or cutting through heavy rhythms.

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The pocket-sized pedal is capable of unleashing lethal amounts of strong high-gain. The most distinct feature of this ‘bite-sized’ guitar effects pedal would be EQ voicings. There are three distinct EQ voicings offered by the Widow Maker pedal: Boost Off, Lo Boost and High Boost. The Boost off voicing produces sinister and hard-hitting tones; it is great for the rhythm portions of the song or music piece. The Lo Boost feature is very ’80s inspired in the sense that it scoops the mids. The Hi Boost, on the other hand, offers crushing and sharp tone teamed with blistering highs.

What’s impressive about the pedal is that it is a low-profile one, i.e. it does its job in a silent manner. The pedal also comes with True Bypass switching for times when you want to have a transparent tone. Due to its compact size, it hardly takes up room on the pedal board and is highly portable. The sound quality of the pedal is excellent; in fact many individuals would even describe it as ‘sick’, which makes it perfect for live performances and amateur recording. This tiny little pedal is quite powerful and is apt for music genres such as death metal, ’80s trash, rock, etc.

Although I have never purchased any guitar pedal from the Outlaw Effects line (this is the first one), the line’s hallmarks or signature features are low noise, rugged chassis and affordability. The Outlaw Effects Widow-Maker Metal Distortion Pedal definitely embodies all of these features and is a great investment. Moreover, it is quite astonishing that given the affordable price tag of the product, it is made of high quality aluminum alloy! Thus, the Widow Maker pedal is definitely a steal because of its sturdy body, attractive design and great performance.

I purchased this pedal about two months ago and I was highly impressed by it. Last week, I decided to purchase another and gift it to a friend who is a much better guitar player than I am and he was extremely impressed by this micro-sized pedal. I would recommend this pedal to anyone and everyone who is looking for a pedal that is capable of delivering nice vintage metal tone with an ’80s vibe to it. What makes the pedal stand out from the crowd and shine exceedingly well is the fact that it offers power, overdrive and distortion while still being able to maintain recognizable notes. This is something that not many guitar pedals in the market is capable of achieving.

All in all, I would definitely rate the Outlaw Effects Widow Maker Metal Distortion Pedal 5 stars because it has not in any way disappointed me yet. The micro-sized wonder is indeed a real bargain and it produces very impressive effects. I always find myself turning back to this one despite of having at least five more distortion pedals in my inventory. Also, given its small size, there is no provision to fit a battery into it and it has to be plugged in with a power outlet. I do not mind this as much because for me the quality of the effects and tones is top priority. If you’ve been looking for a good distortion pedal that does not cost a small fortune then this is the ideal product for you. Give it a try and you’ll probably end up loving the tiny pedal a little too much like me!

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