Check Out These Best Octave Fuzz Pedal Reviews

There is no doubt about it, octave fuzz in the right setting sounds ultra cool. We put together five of our favorites and what we consider to be the best octave fuzz pedals out there today. Take a look!

1. Electro-Harmonix Octavix Octave Fuzz Pedal

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The 1960s are back when it comes to pedals. The Electro-Harmonix Octavix Octave Fuzz Pedal is an excellent example of that. I realized it was a great creation of the classic fuzz sound. It is housed in EH’s great nano package. Despite its diminutive size, this Octave Fuzz gives players a ton of tonal options. It even gives them power options.

That’s right, there is a toggle switch on the Octavix that lets the user choose between energy sources. The two options are 9V and 24V. When it switches, the entire circuitry changes. There are two distinctly different sounds with these options. The 9V gives the player that classic, grainy fuzz. The 24v is a little is a lighter, but it makes the octave sing out a little bit more. Each of them are very useful live or in the studio.

Beyond that, there are three different knobs on the unit; Volume, Boost, and Octave. The Volume controls how loud the signal output is. Boost controls the amount of fuzz in the signal, and Octave controls the volume the octave.

The Electro-Harmonix Octavix Octave Fuzz Pedal has a simple design. That’s because the designers wanted to focus more on the tonal options and the dynamic range instead of meaningless bells and whistles. Musicians are going to love this effects pedal because it fits into any touring rig easily. It’s small design and the power that it punches both make it an ideal octave and fuzz. Each model comes with a 9V power adapter included.


2. MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz

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When I first heard that Slash was working with MXR to help design an Octave Fuzz I became very excited. He is one of the most famous purveyors of this effect in guitar history. He is one of the biggest rock bands of all time, Guns N Roses. Here four things that I liked about this pedal.

1. Analog Fuzz – The designers didn’t skip one step when making the MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz. The vintage analog results in a gritty fuzz tone. It is reminiscent of some of the best fuzz sounds in rock history. You can hear Slash’s influence on the design of this effect. There are also a lot of different options when it comes to tonal control.

2. Octave up and down – Many guitar fuzz pedals only have an octave feature. This version has both and octave up and a sub octave. If you are a soloist, you can use it to either cut through the band with the octave up. The sub octave can help beef up the low end. Both modulations are warm sounding.

3. The artwork – Artwork isn’t the first thing that I look for on a pedal. The custom art by Slash is outstanding on the MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz, though.

4. Durable – The pedal is built to withstand just about anything from daily use in the studio to the rigors of touring. The SF01 also has true bypass hardware so that no additional sound appears in your signal when you are not using it.


3. Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2 Fuzz/Octave

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There are certain things about music that define in what era it originates. The most prominent character of any music is the sound. In the 60s and 70s rock, fuzz is one of the most commonly used effects. This sound is making a comeback in the music of today. Fulltone has joined this trend by creating the Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2 Fuzz/Octave.

Fans of Hendrix will love this pedal. It uses the same circuitry as the effects pedal that it is setting out to emulate, the Tycobrahe Octavia. To put it simply, this is my favorite new fuzz pedal that I have played. It provides some nostalgic fuzz tones. The octaves especially helped my guitar get that much closer to that elusive Jimi Hendrix sound.

You can go back and forth quickly between “Fuzz” and “Octafuzz” easily on the Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2 Fuzz/Octave via the toggle switch. There are also two knobs on this floor unit; volume, and boost. The volume will increase the volume of the signal through the pedal. The boost changes the amount of the effect that is in the signal.

The pedal’s design is simple, but it packs a huge punch. The dynamic range of each pot is incredible. Players can also rest assured with any concerns about this pedal because Fulltone makes it. Fulltone mounts their pots directly to the unit instead of looser connections used by other companies. The pots are made of brass. You know you are going to get quality vintage sound and long-lasting durability when you buy a Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2 Fuzz/Octave.


4. EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz

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Each Fuzz Master General from Earth Quaker Devices is made in the USA. Real humans in Akron, Ohio make these devices. There is zero automation. Human hands are used to make EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz. Thus, you are guaranteed of the highest level of quality. Each product is counterchecked a number of times to make sure that it adheres to the highest standards possible.

When it comes to musical devices, all that you need is a high level of accuracy and precision. This is exactly what you will get from Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz. These will offer you with value for money. You will pay a small price and enjoy many future benefits.

The most interesting pedal in the world is Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz. You will enjoy how EarthQuaker Devices produce awesome sounds and a wide range of workable frets. You will also love the tracking. The best part is that you will get all the help that you need in easy to follow instructional videos.

The design of the Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz is amazing. It has all that you need to play great music. The functionality of EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz will surely impress you. You will love the usability of the speed knob. You can use it to control the intensity of the warble.

The Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz is the mother of fuzz. You will not find anything like this, online or offline. This is what you need if you love your music.


5. Catalinbread Perseus Sub-Octave Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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Fuzz nerds know that there is nothing that beats Catalinbread Perseus Sub-Octave Fuzz Guitar Pedal. The fuzz effects that this pedal will produce are exactly what you need to greatly enhance your musical performance. Catalinbread is the mother of fuzz. You will readily admit this after using it for some days.

Catalinbread Perseus has an octave switch and three knobs. These features will make you to accurately track the sub octave irrespective of the music you are playing. You will love the features of the Catalinbread. This is an amazing pedal that will bring out the best out of your music.

There is a cut control on this pedal. This is something that you will find very special because it will help you to achieve maximum bass frequency. To do so, you will have to turn the cut control in an anticlockwise direction. To trim the fat, the cut control should be turned clockwise.

While using the Catalinbread Perseus Sub-Octave Fuzz Guitar Pedal, it is important that you understand that the volume and tone of your guitar will influence the behavior of the Catalinbread Perseus. Thus, you should know how to tune your guitar properly. You will find a lot of helpful resources on the website of Catalinbread Perseus.

If you want amazing fuzz and octave sounds, you should get the Catalinbread Perseus. You will enjoy the extra bite of the octave sound and the grittiness of the fuzz. This pedal plays well with multiple notes. The sound and performance of Catalinbread is simply amazing.


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