Biyang OD-8 X Drive Pedal Review

Biyang OD-8 X Drive Pedal Review

Biyang OD-8Many people want to begin serious guitar-playing but are hindered for various reasons. First, they think that it is too late to learn. This is a common misconception, of course. Anyone, of Any age can learn anything if he chooses to, even guitar-playing. The human brain is wonderful in that its plasticity allows for constant learning and adjustment. The second other hindrance is the notion that embarking on a guitar collection is pricey and unattainable without a lot of excess cash. Well, it is true that some pieces of equipment can fetch quite a commanding price, good quality does not always need to be priced too steeply. The Biyang OD-8 Guitar Bass Effects Pedal X Drive Distortion, for example, can be purchased for approximately $60, but the quality this wonderful piece has to offer is marvelous!

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Behind the Steering Wheel: The Build of the Overdrive

One of the highlights of the Biyang Overdrive is that it has three modes. These are normal,, bright and warm. This means that even for a starter pack, you get access to a whole range of melodies and tones for the prize of one. It also has two addition chips for more variation. Not only can you learn different styles of guitar-playing, from classical ones to bluesy sounds to the heavier alternative rock, you can also use this equipment to experiment and hopefully find your own sound. The first extra chip called the KWK737 is a chip that highlights the treble tones in the overdrive. On the other hand, the NE5532 is the chip to go for when you want to produce some serious grown and presence. It allows the tone to be tight and aggressive.

It has volume, tone and drive controls for better customization. It uses a 9-volt battery pack but may powered also by a direct power source. It has a standard Boss style power adapter that is known for its durability. It also has a true bypass switch which allows you to change from tone to tone with minimal to no delays. It weighs only 1.20 lbs. which makes it easy to carry, compact, and perfect for traveling. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the most high-rated guitar products in various selling sites on the internet.

After the Drive, the Verdict:

I know of several people, professionals and beginners in guitar-playing who have purchased this product. I have also heard them register their happiness at having purchased the Biyang Overdrive especially during discounted sales. This is because, even at its original price, the Biyang OD-8 Guitar Bass Effects Pedal X Overdrive is a clear steal. It gives a classic, great sound comparable to the best brands in the last five decades or so. The transition is always smooth, there are no unwanted tones, and the range of the different tones you can play with the three tone modes is amazing. The two addition overdrives chips further enhances the experience as you can swap these chips in and out of the pedal to enhance or discover other tonal possibilities. You can switch between three tonal modes and get the best out of your guitar-learning experience by finding out what combinations work, and which ones do not. The Biyang Overdrive really keeps the sound tight and punchy. There is room to add a lot of aggression to the sound of the guitar if you want to practice playing rock or post-rock tunes.

It is very durable as well and can withstand constant use and heavy practice. The gear is not only priced low, my experience tells me that there will be no other out-of-pocket costs for maintenance and repair because the pedal is both durable and reliable.

What is best is you have the quality of a pedal that is easily worth three times or more than its selling price. If you want to follow that dream of owning a guitar, an amp and pedal, and beginning a hobby, then let this be your first purchase.

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