Docooler sells a wide variety of guitar pedals and pedal accessories. They have been in the guitar accessory business for over twenty years and have become very respected in the market. They also sell other electrical equipment for other instruments and forms of media.

Docooler guitar pedals offer a wide variety of sound variations and distortions. Their older pedals tended to use flanger effects while the newer ones use more phaser and vocoder effects.

The company sells power-supplies and boards that are vital for using multiple pedals. The most recent power-supplies they sell range from about ten to twenty plugs, allowing for a massive amount of variety to the user.

Many of their recent pedals compliment each other to provide a more modern sound that we have been hearing trend in the music scene recently. Vocoder and tube amplifiers that Docooler sells offer a sound heard from pop-indie bands. Phaser and distortion pedals that this company also sells are similar to the kind used by recent post-punk bands.

The quality of Docooler’s products are of a professional standard. Instead of using simple parts for power boards and multiple power supplies they use advanced transformers and heavy-duty jacks. If one is looking to hit the road with numerous gigs, where their equipment will experience wear and tear, Docooler is a good choice.

Docooler also sells general guitar and instrument accessories. They sell drum machines and digital drums that are compatible and tested with their other equipment. Docooler also sells metronomes and keyboards.