Founded in 2004, EarthQuaker Devices is known for its cutting edge guitar pedal s. EarthQuaker Devices focuses on quality and workmanship, building all their guitar pedals by hand. The company is located in Akron, Ohio but has retail suppliers in most states as well as 35 countries around the world.  You may also order products directly from their website at

Those new to guitar pedals will find these controls fairly simple to understand and experiment with in their music. The length control adjusts reverb spread. The diffuse control adjusts reverb spread. The dampen control, when turned clockwise, brightens the guitar’s tone. When turned counterclockwise, it darkens the tone.  To understand the drag control, you have to first know about reverberation. Reverb is composed of bands of brief delays. Using the drag control separates these delay lines and creates a pinging, stuttering effect. The mix control blends wet signals into dry ones.

EarthQuaker Devices produces seven categories of guitar pedals. These include:

• Booster/EQ:  Arrows, Tone Job, Black Eye
• Compression: The Warden
• Delay/Reverb:Afterneath, Dispatch Master, Ghost Echo and more
• Fuzz:        Park Fuzz, Sound Shank, Zap Machine and more
• Modulation:  Arpanoid, Hummingbird V3 and more
• Octave:      Pitch Bay, Organizer, Bit Commander and more
• Overdrive:   Pallisade, Speaker Cranker and more

One excellent feature of their website is the videos posted with the descriptions of many of the pedal choices.  In these a guitarist is playing while using the pedal and demonstrating all of its features.  You can be sure that you are getting the pedal features you need when you purchase EarthQuaker Devices guitar pedals.