Line 6 has innovated the way we look at music business by paring up with companies like Yamaha when creating their pedals. They want all of the specifics that goes into the modern guitars and to factor them in with the pedals they make. This is so that they make sure that the pedals they release are in conjuncture with all of the modern sounds of guitars currently being released.

This means that Line 6 guitar pedals are very simple but provide unique and sharp sounds with how guitars are currently being made. This doesn’t mean that older guitars wont sound amazing with their pedals, just that their pedals will sound perfect with more modern guitars.

Line 6 specializes in phaser and flanger effects, along with wah control, color, and wet-dry pedals. Pedals such as the “Sixer” is a wah pedal that offers direct control of the wave and dynamic tuning.

There are many musical artists that have signed on with the company to be sponsored, especially jazz and blues artists. The company is especially good for jazz artists because the pedals give a classic and crystal clear effect to the sound that the artist is going for.

Along with pedals Line 6 builds state of the art power supplies and pedal boards with more features than typically found on the market. Line 6 has products specifically built for those going on the road to numerous gigs. One example of a product that is ideal for the road is the M-Series wireless pedal board that can easily be brought on and off stage.