Boss RC-1 Loop Station Pedal Review

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B00OB7K46I” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”jtspedals-20″ width=”500″]There are many respected brand names in the guitar equipment industry and Boss is certainly one of them. It has consistently delivered products of high quality that come in prices affordable and accessible to guitar players worldwide. Of its entire range of products, my favorite would be the Boss RC-1 Loop Station which offers a lot of versatility but still manages to be simple and user-friendly. It is the looper of choice I recommend to guitar players who are just starting out with experimentation because it is straightforward and easy to to operate.


Build and Features

This compact looper offers excellent sound quality at a maximum recording capability of a whooping 12 full minutes! That is more than 200% of the current standard in other looping devices and allows for better experimentation! It has a circular loop indicator that provides all the necessary information while you are looping and recording. The indicator has 24 multi-colored LEDs that give instant feedback on the current operation mode plus the running time of the current loop. The loop session is stored in a memory that remains intact even when the power is off, allowing you to resume where you left off the next time you want to practice of perform. it can run up to 4.5-hour with its attached battery and is perfectly compact. it is the best companion for street performances, nightly gigs, or even just random jamming and open-mic sessions. Of course, you can always play it with the Boss PSA-120s power adapter that is the current industry-standard for a durable and reliable power adapter.

It is compact, measuring only 5.12 inches in diameter, 2.8 inches wide and barely an inch high. This is a perfect addition to your traveling gear and won’t take up much space in your storage.

The RC-1 has both stereo inputs and outputs and a nominal input level of -20 dBu. It has an output impedance of 1k Ohm and a recommended load impedance of 10K Ohms or graters. The controls come with a pedal switch and a level knob and come with Check and Loop indicators. It has an aggregate weight of only 440g with the battery attached that makes it lightweight, compact and easy to use. The unit comes with a handy and informative user manual and battery upon purchase.

Performance and Sound

The Boss RC-1 Loop Station was designed with bassists and guitarists in mind and this shows in the build and performance of the unit. I was very satisfied with the way the compact pedal case let me handle loop creation without much hassle nor complicated controls to content with. The looping functions are all available by using just the integrated pedal switch. I was able to record, play back and stop, overdub, redo or undo, and delete loops just by manipulating the foot pedal. Of course, this required a bit of practice on my part but once I got the hang of it, using the foot pedal just felt natural and intuitive.

Build and Reliability

The Boss brand is known for its durability and reliability and this is the same for this particular product. The exterior looks polished and solid and actual usage for a couple of hours showed no signs of early wear-and-tear.

The Verdict

The RC-1 is a good purchase all in all. Even first-timers will have fun trying this tuner because with practice, it becomes extremely easy to manage and use. The long playback time and recording time combined with decent battery life makes it ideal for gigs and outdoor performance. The Boss brand is a leader in the industry and with this product, it is not difficult to understand why. Credit is due to Boss, too, for pricing this model modestly, making it accessible and affordable for all guitar players who want to experience high quality without sacrificing half month’s budget in guitar equipment. Perhaps it sounds like ridiculous pun, but it truly is boss.

Video Demo

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