TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Pedal Review

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B00AZUAORE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”jtspedals-20″ width=”278″]I’ve made another addition to my equipment collection with my recent purchase of the TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper and it is a purchase that has really proven to be wise.


Three Different Versions

Ease of Use

The Ditto Looper does not require a lot of effort nor practice. It is straightforward, simple, and extremely easy to use. It only has one knob for volume control while the footswitch does everything else – playback, record, and save. Pressing the footswitch once begins the recording of the loop which can go on for five minutes. You can save your recording by pressing on the footswitch again and start playing with yet another step. You can even overdub and add an effect on your already-recorded loop for even more tunes. Keeping the foothold pressed for a while deletes the most recent recording and allows you to begin anew.

Beginning to use the Ditto Looper can take getting used to because it employs the click style (press to activate) unlike some pedals which have footpads activate when you lift your foot off). Even I encountered this difficulty for a while before I was able to adjust and manipulate the foothold with ease, almost like it is second nature. If you opt to try the Ditto Looper, I would advise for you to practice it frequently at home first before bringing it with you to a gig or any public performance. That it allows you to overdub over overdubs to your heart’s content is amazing, but it would be tragic if you accidentally clear your recording instead of playing it back if you do not practice using the controls adequately.

Features and Controls

This guitar looper understands a guitar player simply because it was designed and made by guitarists too. This shows in the features – they have taken the best elements of a looper and did away with bulky non-essentials to give a well-working looper that is easy to use (once you’ve mastered the foot pedal) and easy to bring. It as a true bypass switch and analog dry-through. It can record up to five minutes of looping, with an undo and redo function. You can have unlimited overdubs that is played back on 24-bit uncompressed high-quality audio. It has an ultra-small footprint and is run on a 9-volt DC adapter that is sold separately. While this may be an issue for them, guitar players who have multiple gear may find this a good thing because they most likely have 9V adapters from other equipment that they would rather use on the Ditto Looper instead of paying for a new one again.

Sound and Performance

Even with dozens of gears and pedals in my personal collection, the Ditto Looper has managed to crawl its way to my favorites. The sound is awesome and exactly what I aimed for whenever I would record a loop. No matter how many overdubs I record, the sound does not disintegrate nor become subpar. The true bypass switch works very well as it cause no sound disruption or noise at all when switched off.

Durability and Reliability

I found the Ditto Looper to be well-built. It is extremely durable and reliable, able to withstand hours of continuous use and even on weird weather conditions. I have used it separate times outdoors and in hot weather and it has showed no sign of deterioration whatsoever. The physical build itself shows that is neither flimsy nor cheap, but actually very solid.

I have nothing bad to say about the TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper aside from the fact that using it takes a little bit of relearning and that it does not allow for battery power which would have made the looper the best travel companion. Overall, however, I am extremely happy with this product. It is very small and convenient to use. I can bring it anywhere with me because the packaging is small and light. As for performance, it is a definite 10/10 because it allows me to record and play a loop and more importantly, record on top of overdubs. You can even be a one-man band with this pedal! It allowed me to play a number of musical genres without having to change equipment for each of them. It is truly a remarkable piece of musical engineering, and something you would not blow a hole in the pocket to get.

Video Demo

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