TC Electronic Spark Booster Pedal Review

TC Electronic Spark Booster Pedal Review

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B0087OS83M” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”jtspedals-20″ width=”500″]True to its name, TC Electronic Spark Booster guitar pedal is indeed a pedal that can add tremendous spark to your music! With this guitar pedal you will be able to unlock a whole new world of tones and ignite your playing. Don’t be fooled by the compact size of this one, it is capable of producing a whopping 26 dB of boost, which comes in handy for nailing that deadly riff or lick and for highlighting solos. The little wonder is also capable of producing the juice required for added dirt and grit. There is also a toggle switch to play around with to achieve the exact tonal shaping that you require.


What’s most impressive about the Spark Booster pedal is that it allows the user to expand his/her tonal palette significantly. Whether you’re looking to increase just a hair of dirt or heaps of the same, the gain knob of the pedal would help you achieve it with complete ease and finesse. The Active EQ (2 band function) comes with a collection of powerful tone shaping tools which can be used for precise sculpting of the tone in question. There is also a mid-shift toggle which allows the Spark Booster pedal to not just focus but also amplify the juicy mid-heavy frequencies. Thus, thanks to this toggle you will be able to cut through any mix easily and effectively!

Another thing that I really liked about the TC Electronic Spark Booster guitar pedal is that it comes with True Bypass. This basically means that your playing will be able to shine through irrespective of the situation or setup. This is done through optimal signal integrity so that the listeners can experience unparalleled definition and clarity. The pedal also adds warmth, punch and body to pickups whereas in case of tone it adds compression, life and grit. This pedal is used by popular artists such as Steve Morse (of Deep Purple), Scott Ian (of Anthrax), John 5 (of Rod Zombie), Bill Kelliher (of Mastodon), Paul Riario and so on.

I have been using the Spark Booster pedal for the past five months now. What I’ve noticed about it is that it is a brilliant tool both for highlight the rhythm parts or solo sections and for complementing the existing tone. The boost provided by the pedal isn’t harsh at all and nor does it come with those annoying woofy sounds which is typical in case of booster pedals. This is what I love most about the pedal, i.e. it delivers what it promises. In fact I decided to add the pedal onto my pain pedal board just two weeks into using the same!

The versatility of the Spark Booster pedal is what makes it so worthwhile. The tiny pedal is surely going to blow your mind and impress you tremendously irrespective of whether you choose to use a tonal shift or no tonal shift, clean boost or dirty boost, etc. It is indeed exciting that there are so many different ways to use this pedal! Playing with each of the four knobs is quite intuitive and there’s really no need to consult the user’s manual that comes along with it. Simply tweak the user-friendly controls until you’re able to revitalize the dull and lifeless tone by boosting its spark!

I was so impressed by the Spark Booster pedal that I also recommended it to a friend shortly after I made the purchase myself. He too was greatly impressed by the same. Among all the modern booster pedals out there, this one is the most impressive model for him. Well-made and equipped with useful features, the pedal completely bowled him over. The pedal indeed adds a new dimension to one’s sound and is a worthwhile investment. Thus, if you have been looking for a booster pedal to replace your old boost then this is the perfect choice. This high quality and carefully crafted pedal is definitely hard to beat!

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