Founded over forty years ago in Michigan, Pro Co Sound Inc. is known for its production of excellent audio interface products.  They produce hundreds of products from microphone and guitar cables to 256-channel digital snakes and facility distribution systems. They separate their distribution and selling systems into Sound Contractors and Musical Instrument Retailers divisions in order to better serve their customers’ needs.

Through their Musical Instrument Retailers, Pro Co produces and sell six distortion pedal effects devices for guitars.   Pro Co guitar pedals include some classics that have been updated for the needs of modern guitarists as well as newer designs that include state-of-the-art technology.  These six distortion pedals include:

Rat 2: This pedal produces distortion, fuzz and overdrive controls that glow in the dark for easy readability.

• Turbo Rat: This is a the perfect distortion effects box, producing sound that is as gritty, nasty and ugly as you want it to be.

• You Dirty Rat: This is a Fuzz pedal that also includes sustain and overdrive settings.

• Deucetone Rat: This is a two in one unit that may be used separately, cascaded together for a lot of distortion or played in stereo by the analog guitarist.

• Fat Rat: This is a selectable MOSFIT clipping and thick boost distortion pedal for bass enhancement.

• SOLO Analog: This is a distortion and overdrive effects pedal that provides true bypass switching.

Pro Co’s business growth remains consistent as their markets change due to the excellence of their service and their products.