For 20 years, Visual Sound guitar pedals found their way into the rigs of countless professionals. Company president and founder Bob Weil named the company after the very first product he developed, the Visual Volume pedal which would launch the company. After two decades of raising the bar for high quality guitar effects pedals, power supplies and accessories, Bob decided it was time to refresh some things: Visual Sound was renamed Truetone, which he feels better represents their goal of top-notch guitar tone.

Classic Visual Sound pedals like the Jekyll & Hyde distortion pedal, the Route 66 Overdrive pedal, and the VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive pedal are legendary for their exceptionally responsive feel, tuned to give you the expressive dynamic range of a great tube amplifier. And with rugged footswitches rated for over 10 million stomps, plus flexible I/O that makes them easy to integrate into virtually any guitar rig.

A huge Visual Sound innovation was the 1Spot power supply, which makes it easy for guitarists to daisy-chain power to multiple pedals. With a 1Spot power supply and a daisy-chain power cable, you can connect up to five pedals in a row, all powered from a single slot on your power strip. When it comes to making your pedalboard wiring as efficient as possible, the Visual Sound 1Spot is a proven performer.

While they’ve renamed the company Truetone, Bob Weil’s commitment to quality and tone are greater than ever, and you can expect that any pedal that says Truetone will live up to the high standards set by Visual Sound guitar pedals.