In business since 1986, Voodoo Lab offers an extensive line of professional electronics designed especially for musicians in the studio and on the road. Voodoo Lab guitar pedals, power supply units and switching equipment are available in local music stores around the world. Each product is built individually by hand in the company’s Northern California facility.

One of Voodoo Lab’s popular products is the Giggity foot pedal. This tool offers guitar players an effective way to troubleshoot and solve tone problems no matter how poor the acoustics are in a room. This can be invaluable for touring musicians who never know quite what they will encounter when they unpack their gear on the road. Voodoo calls this pedal an analog mastering preamp.

The pedal features a sun-moon control, which is a four-position switch. This control allows the pedal to produce dark, smoky sounds as the setting moves toward the moon and brighter tones as the setting moves more toward the sun.

The additional four knobs control loundness, master volume, air (mid- to high frequency tones) and body (low to mid-frequency tones).

The company uses only high-quality precision parts in each of its pedals, which use highly reliable gold-contact relays to provide true bypass switching. The tuning knobs are built with a high torque resistance allowing musicians to set their controls without worrying if they will be knocked off target with the slightest touch.

With Voodoo Lab equipment, musicians have ways to create unique sounds with equipment that is reliable and road worthy.